Saturday, January 01, 2011

With the New Year comes change....

Happy New Year to everyone out there!

Well it seems that 2010 is finally over and done with, any one else happy about that?
On this end, things have been busy crazy, chaotic but in a good way.

Recent happenings:

1. I got married to a great man who is helping me travel down the aisle of "Okay this is new." lol. More than likely some of my adventures of our life will be up here.

2. I just finished my first year of doctorate work and boy oh boy am I happy for that!! Who ever said that the degree was a breeze for them, please let me know. I plan on smacking that person up the head for a while. *rolls eyes* Year two will start soon enough but with some wonderful time opening up.

3. My old publishing down closed down. So things have been transferred to a new house. Melange Books. For those of you wanting to check out that great site by all means peruse around!

4. I am actively trying to move this site to a more manageable site for me. Trying being the word. Who know just how embedded I was in Blogger over here. LOL. Also, I will be shutting down my website for that reason. Too much internet-y tends to make one very lazy. And with the streamlining of all my work, I will finally have time to go back to writing. Anyone else excited about that?!

As of right now that's the really big news. If you see things moving around....don't panic...that's normal. lol. But please drop me a line if you think something looks odd. I only have two hands, but ohhh what I would give for 4!

Talk to you all soon!

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