Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Its been a bit....come to some realizations.

Its been a while. I had to leave writing to take care of some important business. And its funny I've had to come to terms with a great many things. One of those things is creative licensing.

In my other world, I am a chemist. I've recently had to deal with a blow to the heart. That is, having an original idea taken. It does something to the ego to see something you worked your butt off being taken from someone else. Every where you google or search, you hear so much about plagiarism and the laws behind it. I've always been an advocate of kicking butt to those that do it. But the closer to home it hits, the more it seems to paralyze you for a while, at least before you get back to the mentality of kicking butt.

I'm still in this mode as to the idea theft: I know it seems harsh but its really an improvement from before. As you can see its a much calmer, happier look. heh.

During these days I've been trying to get my mind together, I've been going over all my work and reading. Things and projects that I've let lay for a while. Things I've not abandoned but had to hold off on while I went through major passes in my life this past year.

One year ago today, I was sitting in this very room, on a computer typing, thinking conversing about things to come. And in one year I have: graduated with my masters, worked as faculty in a community college, moved to a whole new city, started a doctoral program, gotten engaged, started planning a wedding, had an idea stolen, been kicked out of that group by that head honcho and am sitting now in the same place I was a year ago thinking.

Makes me chuckle a bit.

And my novels were the first thing I thought of and how, I miss them so much. I have 3 months of summer to do something....write, plot evilness, maybe even get married in August...haven't' decided.

Whatever it is....and knowing me since the muses are waking up. Its going to be all of the above, I'll keep doing what I do best and come up with more inventive original ideas. Things are going to change of course so it doesn't happen again, and its already affected my writing.

So as I send this off into the email cosmic unknown I just have one thing to say to my thief.

Hehe...yeah that's perfectly fine to me.

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