Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dark Pleasures Just out at ARebooks & Melange Books.

Isn't this such a gorgeous cover!

Thanks to Bratt and the crew at Melange Books.

Involved in this great book are Lisa Basso, Rebecca Varnum, Roxanne Rhoads, Megan Hussy, Nora Weston and KC Foster.

You can check out this great book at Melange Books or ARebooks.

Copyright Melange Books.
Her skin tingled with an eerie awareness. The evil felt near. She would find him, it, soon…A beeping noise disturbed her concentration. Alana tapped the communications earpiece clipped to her ear. Her sister Maggie spoke volumes of warning, frustrating Alana in the process. Great timing, sis, Alana thought.
“Alana, you need to come back to the house.” Static followed the transmission.
“I’ll be back momentarily. I just want to see if it is him,” she replied as the rain continued to pour.
“Alana, it’s not him. You know it can’t be.”
“I’m sure I know who the Viscount is, Maggie. Let me just check this out. I need to be positive.”
“As your sister, I completely object to you walking into that club without proper backup. I’m sending Drew.”
Shaking her head, she scanned again. “And as your sister, I’m the one that’s been gifted. So I think I’ll be fine.”
“Alana don’t --”
“Cutting transmission,” she stated, as she touched her earpiece and continued her visual scan.
She sat perched high above the buildings still as the stone gargoyles. Rain steadily danced down onto the rooftops and streets of the city below while lightning lit the night sky. Varying tunes of water collecting in the building gutters changed as they ran down their gulley and spilled to puddles on the city streets. Cars sped down the street and threw water in every direction, adding more water to the already soaked walker-bys.
The world moved as normal; people crossed streets, entered and left cars, buildings and continued with their lives unaware of the lone figure above with roving eyes. None of the souls below interested her, though they should have. It was her job to take care of them and protect them. Yet, her focus went to finding a particular man.

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