Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I love me my Bones

Now after being gone the time that I have let me say that it is good to be back. Almost done with the thesis...can I get a what-what? lol.

So in writing the thesis and getting back to writing (thank you big man in the sky for that chance) I've been watching Bones. Now to some people they arent really into the show, but to this little chica-dee here, I'm all into the Fox Show

To those that don't know, the show is about Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth. I am for one a huge fan of these two. They are yin and yang, fire and water, Bones and Booth. lol. So in watching these shows I am going through the four seasons with much delight and heavy tension building love for my two favorite characters.

There are certain shows that do it for me. You know shows that I will not miss and I dont care if I have an exam in the morning. I must watch to have my world spin oh so nicely on its cute little axis.

Here are some of mine:

a. Psyche - One word for you; pineapple. LOL.
b. Medium - Yes I believe! The best married couple on TV!
c. Bones - I am a die hard Boothie Fan!!! Long live the nerds out there! Go Brennan!
d. Burn Notice - Michael Westin has so many helpful hints lol.
e. Cold Case - Great soundtracks they use!
f. N.C.I.S - Gibbs is aweeeeesome!
g. Law and Order: Criminal Intent - How can you NOT love Gorem and Eames?
h. House - Yes he is fabulous
i. The Closer - I totally sympathize with Brenda.....and her love of sugar lol.

Do you have a show like that? Hmmm any suggestions are recommended. Currently I am trying out Harper's Island. We shall see what the consensus on this is. Hmmmmm


Keep on writing!

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