Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Erotic Inspirations

People ask me a lot where I get my ideas. I know some authors find photos of hotties that spark their creativity. Other authors get inspired by people in real life. I'm a dreamer. I usually get my inspirations from dreams.

I don't write my dreams, and by the time a story is finished it doesn't really resemble my dream at all. But that first spark usually comes from an emotion or event that occurred while I was sleeping.

Then once I've started the story and gotten a feel for the characters, sometimes I look for photos that resemble them. Especially, my hero. I love eye candy and if I'm working on a scene that needs a little umph sometimes that photo I found will spark some new ideas.

So I have a couple of questions for you. If you're an author, where do you get your ideas - especially your naughty ones? And if you're a reader, where do your daydreams get started? Do you watch a movie or see someone walking down the street and then spin your own little tale in your head? Tell me! I want all the dirt! LOL!

Today is the release day for my first M/M erotic romance, BACK AT THE RANCH - Cowboy Games 2. Follow the link if you'd like to read some excerpts.

Wendi Darlin

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Mila Ramos said...

Congrats Wendi!!!

Okay don't laugh but sometimes it will be something a song says or a video that I knwo i have watch a gagillion times and boom I'll see something in there for a story. I get my stories from the WEIRDEST places.

I swear to the heavens but once i got a story outlined and panned out while I was taking cold medicine. The strangest thing. happen to be one of my favorites actually lol.