Friday, March 27, 2009

Light All Around Me

this hunger i have feels so good
even if it tries to grip my lucid dreams
and now obscured in thought
you bleed the hate from inside me
and wipe clean my heart
you fall on your knees
your press your hands together
and you pray over me
as if your religion was to love me
you inflect words i need to hear
and all of this calm i cannot resist
together we leave the earth behind
we watch the world disappear like a gazelle
as its lustrous sea-filled eyes fade away
we fly free toward the slivered moon
heading straight for our place in the universe
we stop and i take a small bite for taste
such sweet skin, like a golden delicious
eyes closed, my hand in yours, we safely land
and now my hunger is satisfied
i no longer fear the dark
there is light all around me
a pure light that fills the sky
only when i am with you

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