Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodies and Birthday woohoo's!

Hi all,

Yesterday was my 11th anniversary of my 21st birthday. I know, totally wonderful and awesome! Well the birthday was the greatest thing ever. I got some great time, nice presents from family and friends and just had an upbeat about the whole day.

Well one good thing leads to another.

And that other was that I was proposed to! I'm engaged!! Yes, my beautiful lovely gave me a unique and beautiful ring! It feels weird having it on my finger, not used to jewelry on there!

But the proposal was great, the ring is gorgeous and now countdown to the big day!

So everyone out there? How were you proposed? Or what would you think would be a great way to be?

I would love to know. Thank you for all the wishes from all friends and readers, and thank you all for listening!

1 comment:

Dee Shore said...

I kind of told the world about your engagement on my blog, Midnight Seductions, MySpace, Twitter, and everyone that listened LOL!

I need better picture of the ring missy. The one you sent me, I couldn't appreciate it. *MUAH*

To answer your question, I've never been engaged. But if I ever do get to that level with an idiot, I would love to be proposed to at the penguin house at the Central Park Zoo. It's to beautiful there! Almost magical.