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Bloggin at Midnight Seductions!

Hi all,

I blog at Midnight Seductions today over the crazy month of March.


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Hello everyone!

Its been so long since I've graced these beautiful pages with a bit of quirk and spark! I want to get everyone caught up on the news for the past two months.

How was everyone's February? Smashing, beautiful wonderful? Great! Well as everyone knows March is a great Month, wonderful month! Its my birthday month. How can that not be wonderful! But as with any month sometimes things go a bit crazy. Ever have those moments when you look at the calendar on your wall a few times and wonder where did the tarot cards go wrong? Mercury in retrograde, Saturn in hiding, Pluto demoted?

What the-? Yup a little too much for one's own good.

Months like these, when things are so crazy that its like a reality show, is what I call my own March Madness. Now mind you, you can label this for any month, but March Madness has a bit of a zinger to it. And yes, it does correlate with basketball, it is when the best of the best in college ball go up against each other. In my little multi-colored world, March Madness is when the best of life's great quirks, joys and weirdness go up against each other. And then, you leave it to the top and awesome championship, which in the overall scheme of things, was my engagement. You can see then that it isn't just a game, its a lifestyle.

What started this was my alter ego; Super Chemist. Now even though some writers won't admit it, my joy is at times interrupted by the outside world. On my day to day, I'm a chemistry graduate student. Yes, that's right, I said the the C word. And I can tell you its a fun-filled world where I squirt stuff into a vial and play on the to speak. Simple enough but yet manages to keep my away from my writing in what feels like a good portion of the week.

So yes, the hussle and bussel of the month can be summed up into so many things. But mind you to explain each of these things, requires almost an entry for each one!

And you'll get to see why, my March summed up:

1. rain storms (over 20 million inches of rain),
2. black outs (knock myself out as I walk into a wall),
3. delayed admissions applications (We regret to inform you we don't have a paper of yours....even though we've had your package since December and decided to wait till March 4th to tell you with a deadline of April 1st),
4. standardized exams (Bombastic - Mila definition - does not mean Boombastic by shaggy)
5. the ides of March upon ye (arrrgh),
6. my birthday (Hey shawty its my birthday, i'm gonna party like its my birthday, I'm gonna drink Bacardi like its my birthday, and I don't care cause its all about my birthday!)
7. A romantic proposal (he had me at hello)
8. Exams (why yes professor I did study, not on this class though....)
9. Edits every chance I can get (Amazing how at the time this made sense to, do I torment my editors).

Jammed pack huh? Yes, that is definitely a whirlwind. So what am I doing to recover from such a hurricane, well I'm doing the most cheesy thing possible. I'm watching Twilight, catching up on my grading and editing manuscripts.

One more day its all over for March and then, I say lets catch up on sleep!

Bring on April! Wooohoooo!!!!

Mila Ramos ~ Paranormal & Contemporary Romance

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