Friday, August 03, 2007

Latest Watchers Except...Coming soon to Midnight Showcase

Chapter One

Crouched down next to Hunter, Michael moved measured and cautious through the heavy wooded brush. A wave of nausea gripped him but he could not let himself throw up. His equilibrium shifted and images around him shook and vibrated. The first stage after the serum inoculation was well underway. He held on to Hunter in need of a grounded anchor. It had started, the toxin was passing through his bloodstream and his body was reacting. After the first stage in serum inoculation, the agent released potent chemicals to render its victim unconscious for a few hours so it could imbed more of its toxins in the blood stream. Why was it hitting him so hard? All his results had concluded that inoculation happened much slower.

Keeping low to the ground, Michael spotted a fallen log and sat out of view keeping Hunter tight against him. Sweat rolled down his temple as the nausea only grew worse. They knew! Dumbfounded and angered by the outcome. This whole time, they knew what I was! Not only did they know, they’d replicated his serum and shot him with it!

Hidden from his adversaries with his identity revealed, he needed critical help. They wouldn’t know to come to him; he made sure the others like him could never find him. The only way they would know where he is was if he said something. He needed to recite the words to bring them forth. Michael took a deep breath and focused on words he had not said in more than fourteen years. He had not spoken his mother’s language since he left the Coven and hoped the tone and inflection required had not changed.

“Guardians of the East, Powers of Air, Guardians of the South, Powers of Fire,Guardians of the West, Powers of Water, Guardians of the North, Powers of Earth I, Michael Trelawney, Watcher and Humani for the Angelus Draleigh implore you. Grant me protection from my enemies as I call to my aid the Enforcers of my people. Bring forth from sight unseen the ancient ones of the Coven.”

He kept Hunter close as he took another deep breath and tried to keep his focus from faltering. He waited as his words were heard, and they would be. No one outside of the Draleigh Coven was left unguarded. It was a sacred rule to protect their own. Time passed with no sign of his call. He blinked rapidly as the beginning tremors ran down the side of his arm and set his body in a deep cold sweat. Though twisted in thought, he was a bit proud his invention worked. At least he knew it would affect angels, but using himself as the guinea pig was not the course of action he would use.

Remaining focused, his thoughts drifted back and forth with clear consistency between his work and his life before he changed his name to Nathaniel Hazen. Deep in the memories of his life as a part of the Coven, a bright light outside of his peripheral vision caught his attention. He turned his head and came face to face with the part of himself he ran from, the truth to who he really was.

Part-angel, part-human. He was a Watcher for the Draleigh Coven; a Humani.

His eyesight was filled with Warrior angels; the Enforcers. A group of twenty winged beings dressed in armor from head to toe stood in front of an intense circle of light. Fifteen heavily muscled men stood shoulder to shoulder with armor that looked like it was painted on their bodies. Skin color ranging from smooth caramel to rich coffee to porcelain filled his view. Their wings held tight behind them, varied in shade and hue as their coloring. The top of their helmets, transparent in nature, shielded their faces from harm. Each helmet differed in color as well and had a sharp piece resembling a talon jutting back. Should they need to forcibly remove anyone from their path, they could pierce the person, killing them instantly. In each of their left hands they held spears, swords or fire-tipped bows that didn’t extinguish. In their right hands, some held shields, as clear as their helmets but so bright they hurt the eyes if stared at too long. Their breasts plates were like steel doors but moved with their bodies smoothly and fluidly. Their feet were encased in sandals, doubly laced high up on their legs but not failing to reveal the strength and muscle in their bodies.

The most fascinating feature on their body was their wings. They appeared as soft feathers but upon closer examination were fine, individual hairs that formed their shape. Standing tall and in their glory they scanned the area and protected the five angels behind them. The five beings that came forth were smaller, petite, and curvier. Unlike their male counterparts their armor differed and exposed more of their feminine shape. The leader of the females stepped forward.

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