Friday, August 03, 2007

The Seventh Legend ..... Coming to Midnight Showcase....

Chapter Two

Every two hundred years a Legend was born with supernatural powers, which gave that person paranormal senses, unimaginable strength, extraordinary speed, inexplicable endurance and agility, and a surprising degree of healing ability. With heightened and enhanced senses, and powerful physiques that could perform twenty times faster, these Legends born were almost super human. There were six members in the past generations born with this type of specialized ability. They were the known as Psi-ters, meaning the added psychic gifts they had to deal with on top of their other capabilities helped in encounters with the evil. Their strength to sense and fight the malevolence praying about made them essential in the Shadow Hunter community.

Moving off the perch and heading downstairs, Alana thought out her plans to deal with her enemy. She needed to know the truth. It wasn’t until three months ago, chasing after the infamous Viscount, she caught wind of his identity. If the validity held truth, then she understood how valuable she was to her adversary.

As she walked across the street to follow the same path, she was stopped short by a lean male figure with black hair, dressed in dark jeans and trench coat. His arms were crossed over his chest and a smug smile across his face. Alana let out a frustrated breath and cursed her sister for her choice of additional support. Maggie’s idea of support was to bring in another being matched in power and force as her.

“Now I find it funny that you get angry at Maggie when you’re the one about to do something stupid.” He smiled.

Drew. Arrogant, confident, sexy, and the only reason she admitted she needed help. The man was built for time-consuming hours of exploration. He had the physique for very long nights where she could forget she was a destined Legend and become what she wasn’t allowed to be, a woman. His smile beckoned wicked desires, some that she had no idea about.

Rumors were spread about his expertise, his preferences, and his desires in all the time before and after she had known him. It didn’t matter to her; she’d known him far too long to care. No one knew that the Drew standing before her to be the same man she had been in love since she was 14 years old. A love struck young woman looking at a young man who never knew she existed. Years later, here they stood. They’re history was so complex and hard to detail.

“Drew? What are you doing here?” She bit out harsh and demanding. “I thought you were in Spain?”

Unmoving from his spot, he raised an eyebrow. “I was sent back when the families were executed. Not that you care, but I agreed to keep an eye on you since easing the mind of your twin sister isn’t a priority.” He flashed a wicked grin and stepped closer. “That is unless you want to make me your priority?”

That smile only further infuriated her but she rolled her eyes and walked passed Drew. And true to the man, he blocked her path. Drew Beckett was a part of one of the Shadow Hunter families and grew up with her when her family lived in Europe. Though at the present moment, he was more fun to pick on and use as a punching bag, things between them were not entirely at odds. They had been in a very intense and intimate relationship years prior, but the passing of a few family members at the time, caused her to reassess a great many aspects of her life. Those thoughts eventually caused her to become a recluse.

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