Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Now this is what I'm talking about.

I'm applying for this, but wanted to get this out there for others that are interested.
This is what I'm talking about..WOOHOOO!

Attention Attention!
Dark Eden Press is now taking submissions!
Tired of not being listened to? Tired of not having a place to publish your darker edgier stuff? Then Dark Eden Press is the place for you!

Who are we? Dark Eden Press is a brand new company committed to publishing great novels and making our authors as happy as possible because without our authors we won’t be successful.

Our site is currently being built but you can learn more about this great new company on our temporary submissions page:

Dark Eden Press...... Where temptation is just a book away.

(Stay tuned for updates! The picture at the top of the page will be changing soon!)

Do you have a book sitting around gathering dust that is perhaps too edgy for many publishers? Then submit it to us! We will be publishing many genres including, but not limited to, BDSM and same sex romance. If you've got it we want to see it!

Please send all submissions to

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