Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Heated ©

I knew what you wanted. What you needed. The darker side, the forbidden taboo. I was too hot to argue, too needy to ask for anything else. I needed it, needed you, in a way that defied logic. Your hands slowly caressed my ass, as I felt the heat of your body behind me.

The rough hands I have come to love pulled my nipples harder. You wanted complete surrender, complete yielding. I wanted to give that to you, to give you whatever you needed, yet part of me refused.

My spirit is too wild, too untamed. Yet you wanted to break me in, mold me to your whims, to your body. I’m defiant and rebellious, a feral fire that will burn you if you get too close. But you’re not scared of me; you’re not frightened by the flame.

Your hot breath, tickled the skin on the back of my neck. Your hands kept wandering, searching, prolonging. “You’re ready for me.” I bit my lip and nodded at you, waiting to see what you would do, what you would say.

Moving my hips to your preferred angle, you nudged against me. The longing intensified. I remembered how you were last time. You were gentle and thorough, as you showed me the pleasure in filling me, initiating me into the darker side of romance. I loved it, yearned for it, and craved it.

As you rub against me, my breath hitches, you’re getting ready. Then I felt the slight tugging, the defiant intrusion that wanted to push you out. But as I tilted my hips back, I allowed you entrance into a part of me forbidden to even my own rebellious nature.

I allowed you that submission that I needed to give. Very slowly you entered, inch by glorious inch as I was stretched to accommodate. As I was MADE to accommodate your need. There was no turning back for me. No shyness, no coyness. This was us, pure, uninhibited, and undiluted. This was our passion; raw and beckoning.

I bit my lip as the slight pain coursed through my body. I was willing myself to not block it out, to enjoy as your moan roared in my ear and you nibbled on my neck. It was a stance of domination. You were the leader, you are the master, the one in charge, and all I could do was allow it. I wanted it and you in a way I still can’t describe.

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