Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ten Weird Things About KaSonndra Leigh Author of Hacienda Moon: a Gothic Romance

 Welcome to the last day of our week look into author KaSonndra Leigh's world. 
More importantly we looked at her new cover reveal of Lost Immortals  AND learned a bit about her book Hacienda Moon

What a busy week!!

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  1.  I always considered myself to be a Goth girl and still do. Want to see how bad my obsession with my past life is? Head over to and check out all of my fascinating black, white, and red pics galore.
  2. I had a crush on Frodo in LOTR. What girl didn’t? Even if they won’t admit it. Dark hair, gorgeous blue eyes, brave aura: what the heck is there not to like? Never mind that I probably tower over him.
  3. I still have a cassette player in my truck. I specifically ordered it to have one when I bought it. Giving up my old Ike and Tina Turner collectibles wasn’t an option. I still haven’t found them on CD or mp3 yet.  **sighs**
  4. I talk to my flowers. Sometimes they answer me back. And then those answers become great stories for you all to read. My grandmother taught me all I needed to know about gardening. I miss her terribly.
  5. I get sea sick on ferry boats. Riding across the way to see the Statue of Liberty with my best friend made me sick. I’m pretty sure that in a past life I was one of the people on the Titanic. I’ve never taken a cruise and probably won’t ever do it.
  6. I chew my cuticles and the skin around my fingers when I’m writing. It’s a thinking process. I can’t help myself. I’ve tried everything to stop it. I even tried using that stuff that turns bitter when you taste it on your fingernails. Well, guess what? I started liking the way it tasted, so I stopped using it. I know…strange.
  7. I generally tend to fall for the fictional bad boy instead of the good guy. That bad habit has probably carried over from some of my real life ordeals. Okay, so I love bad boys. That’s why I get so many emails from readers telling me how they feel conflicted about my characters. Some of them even say that they prefer the bad boy character more. This is a good thing. I’ve done my job well when something seems so real that people get so emotional. Better to have conflicted over cardboard character comments any day, right?
  8. Physics was my favorite subject in high school. I didn’t care for English much at all. Horrors!
  9. I’m a human phone book. I can remember phone numbers after seeing them once or twice. I remember all of my childhood numbers and even some of my friends I used to hang out with.
  10.  I have a Nook instead of a Kindle…don’t ask. LOL

Thank you Mila for having me allowing me to guest post on your blog today. 

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June M. said...

I will have to go check out your pinterest boards. I never was "goth" but love some of the looks. Btw, I have both Kindle (over a year) & Nook (just got). They both have good points but right now I am still more comfortable with my Kindle, probably just cause I am so used to it.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Mila Ramos said...

I'm barely just getting used to pinterest. I think I'm afraid to be the board queen LOL