Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do I have you Spellbound?

Wooohooooo! Lets start this party!

Mental note to self: 4pm is not 4am lol.

How are those email entries coming? 

GREAT! I can't wait to draw a winner, I'm bursting with excitement. So without further moment, Lets' introduce the second week dedicated to the Spellbound anthology out of Melange Books featuring some great authors.  

 **singing out loud " wicked...spellbound...."

Please see the authors for more information!
Spellbound at Midnight by Isabelle Kane & Audrey Tremaine
In the sultry Big Easy, Viole Godin is hired to restore Magnolia Place, an antebellum mansion which is crumbling under a mysterious curse. Marie Verret and her dangerously attractive grandson, Lucien, believe Viole is the key to ending the curse one magical Halloween night. 

Room 1309.5 by John M. Mecom
Inspired by the works of Poe and Stephen King, Room 1309.5 is a story of revenge and despair. It is the author's first story to be published and received honorable mention in the Fifth Annual Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards. 

Mansion of Nightmares by Walt Trizna
A mysterious mansion, long abandoned, harbors a past that claims those who enter. Then one day, by a stroke of luck, an intruder survives and uncovers its secret. 

Ghost Taxi by Joanna Foreman
A man drowns heading for freedom in America, but his ghost is trapped. Washed up on the beach, the ghost is an illegal alien, not allowed to cross the street into Miami. A homeless man and a vacationing tourist search for his wife so the ghost can possess her. 

Uncle Vernon by Jenny Twist
There's something very peculiar about Uncle Vernon. Nobody knows what he does in the cellar. But he's quite harmless, really. Isn't he? 

Half Seen, Half Hidden by John Steiner
Nine dead. One missing. No suspects and no leads. What happened in the cabin outside Wilson Wyoming? Where and who is Mason Oliver? Deep within ourselves rests a greater mystery. Half Seen, Half Hidden traces the last three days of Mason Oliver and nine hitchhikers. Offering them shelter, Mason takes them to a secluded cabin. There they all sense the others aren't quite the strangers they seemed, and that they hold something extraordinary in common. 

Telltale Signs by Tori L Ridgewood
Don't stay in the Dark Lake Museum after sunset! But Kate Elliot has a deadline to meet. Working overtime, she realizes she's not alone in the creepy old mansion... 

The Origin of Fear by Tara Fox Hall
Four college friends mount an expedition to Latham's Landing-an abandoned island estate infamous for mysterious deaths-to gather pictures and inspiration for a thesis on the origin of fear.


Na said...
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Na said...

If this post went up at 4am, Mila I admire your perkiness. Although, a great book has been known to get me up. Welcome to all the Melange Books. The best thing about an anthology is finding a lot of new authors and getting a taste of their writing. These stories sound thrilling especially Spellbound and Mansion of Nightmares because it involves a mysterious mansion. *shudders* I can imagine all the hauntings that happen there.

Have a great weekend all!

Jenny Twist said...

Mila is an example to us all. I think she never sleeps!