Sunday, November 20, 2011

Room 1309.5 by John Mecom

Inspired by the works of Poe and Stephen King Room 1309.5 is a story of revenge and despair. It is the author's first story to be published and received honorable mention in the Fifth Annual Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards.

Hello John! Please tell me about yourself and your book? **Hides under the covers**

I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child, as an adolescent I discovered Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Mathieson and later Stephen King. Three weeks after I completed high school I was in basic training for the US Air Force, the Air Force gave me a vocation (Industrial Hygiene), the opportunity to go to college, and a chance to see the world (I’ve visited four of the seven continents and was in Japan for two years) 

After the Air Force I went to work for a consulting firm before going on my own for a few years and I am now retired.I continue to be an avid reader and after doing a great deal of writing in technical areas I decided to try my hand at fiction. I wrote one novel (an amateur-sleuth, semi-hardboiled mystery) that I have never tried to get published. I have finished one other short story and several non-fiction essays. My favorite pastime is reading other people’s work in mainstream fiction, mysteries, and horror.

Room 1309.5 came about when I tried to imagine what Poe’s Cask of Amontillado would be like if it happened in the 21st century. Las Vegas seemed like the ideal setting for such a story and instead of Fortunato going down into catacombs; I sent Monica went up into a casino. I didn’t quite write the story I wanted, but I got a lot of positive feedback about it and when a friend asked me if I was interested in publishing it I submitted my story to Melange Books. They liked it well enough to add it to the anthology and I became published. I have to say I’m honored to be in the same book with people like Jenny Twist, and the other writers in Spellbound 2011.


Mila Ramos said...

John, wow.....

First off, I do not ever want to find that Room. lol and secondly I'm going to read your story under bright sunlight. I know I'm a wuss with scary stories.

Thanks for dropping by. :) :)

hotcha12 said...



Na said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of travel experience to inspire you. I hope to be able to visit as many places as you have one day. For now, I do my traveling via stories.

It'll be interesting to see your version of Las Vegas in Room 1309.5. I'm prepared for the unexpected.


Jenny Twist said...

I was incredibly impressed with John's story. I am not at all surprised that it won an award. The quality of his writing is exceptional. I have had the privilege of reading his other short story which is of the same high caliber. I feel honoured to be in the same anthology. I think we should all get together to persuade him to publish his other work. I certainly want to read it.
Thank you, John , for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for your comments. Thank you Mila for taking the time to make your blog avaibale to all of these authors. I'm lucky to be a part of SPellbound 2011.

hotcha 12-- the half comes and goes...

Best wishes for all.

John Mecom

Tara Fox Hall said...

I loved this story!