Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Very Special Thank You

I'd like to thank all the readers and bloggers who came to the Mystique over the past month.

In my time as an author, I have come across some amazing people. This month helped showcase some of the best representation of an amazing publishing house, Melange Books. And in that, I would like to thank all the authors who came to Melange to help me in display the amazing lives of all but letting you readers know as well that the world of writing is out there should you want to touch it one day. 

So to each and every person out there who read this, passed by, commented, liked or disliked a post. I thank you all, you have made this month amazing.

For all the authors, my writing buddies, my friends in words I thank you for spending time here on my blog and gracing me with the beauty of your words and work.

Most of all I wish blessings to the give we all share; words.

So please keep tuned as we have more authors coming through out the next coming months, and please let me know if you think we should have another author's month. If you are, I'm thinking November. :)


JHWriter said...

Mila, I'm always glad to help you out. You've helped me in the past and I'm glad for the chance to be on your blog.
Some great stuff on your blog- just read Ross Bonander's blog. It sounds like an interesting story.

Sultry Summers said...

Hi to Mila and all
It has been such a pleasure to not only post on your blog but to read the other posts from my fellow Melange authors. Gaining great insight into their inner writer's self and a glimpse at what spurs them to write what they do.
Thanks again and I'll be here anytime for another post if you'd like one

Jenny Twist said...

Hi Mila
I agree with Sultry. It has been a pleasure both to participate and to read the other blogs. I'd happily do more.
I'm also trying to get all the contributors to the Curious Hearts anthology together to do interviews and blogs as a group. So far I've spoken to all but two. If they all want to do it, would you like to host us?
Thank you so much