Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello you wonderful people!

I blogged over a few places....and here's a little to your viewing pleasure.


Yes it is your one and only Mila Ramos here!

How is everyone doing!

Well things for this little author are going well. But yes, as you can see from the title, its attack of the alternate ego. Now to those that do not know me, I’m actually a graduate student in Chemistry. Amazing huh? Sounds a bit boring to some, but yes, I do chemical things in the dark recesses of a building. Well its not really dark, its very well lit in all truths but I like to imagine there is lightning cracking over head, my last name is Frankenstein and I have stolen parts to form a human being.

Who here just got a little chill from that…hmmm maybe I should explore horror?

Anyhoo, yes I am a Chemist.


Flyer of the Invisible Jet.

Owner of the Lasso of truth.

Kinky! Just kidding, I’m not Superwoman but this month sure feels like it!

Well like I said before, my alter ego is a Chemist. This comes with its rewards and drawbacks. At times, it helps me get away to my writing when the stories become too much. At other times, its more fun mixing stuff in the lab and watching the outcomes. I’m fascinated by the little stuff.

So this month, and next month the alter ego attacks. I’m finishing my Master’s Degree and with it comes the writing of the dreaded thesis. In this thesis, you have to explain in your best words what has taken you three years to make. The problem with something like this and in doing what I do is that I’ll want to write and make the thesis interesting. I’ll want to insert paranormal characters fighting against the evil chemical gelatinous goo named…BOB (little promo to those who haven’t seen Monsters vs Aliens) and that BOB is slowly mutating to a 4 armed species making its way to the earth. Can you imagine my department head if I were to turn in something like that? Hee hee.

Like I said, its my alter ego here.

Today is no different from any other day. There I am doing a series of tests on the compound that at times can be the bane of 24-hours. And as I’m doing so and analyzing the compound, the little voice inside my head starts. Every author knows this little voice, the one that starts screaming at the top of its lungs saying “WHY AREN’T YOU WRITING ME RIGHT NOW!!!” And so you pacify this voice, but to no avail because it gets louder and louder and louder, until before you know it, you are writing or you are naming the inanimate objects around you temporary character names.

After Devon the stapler and the Sahara the computer helped me finish some work, that’s when it hits me. Maybe its time to write a book about the one thing I try to avoid writing, Chemistry. This started a Chemical Olympics. Names are flying, ideas are flying for the background. Proposals of what can be done, what should be done for twists and turns within said plot. And what did I do? Packed up my things and headed home.

So as I hide out in my little bungaloo, I ask those who have alter egos. What has been your worse attack to your alter ego?

Keep rockin' the page, and I will see you soon enough!

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