Thursday, February 05, 2009

When the Muse talks back.....

So I'm working on three stories at once. Hard, I tell you, but I'm doing it. Already I'm coming up with snags left and right.

Every author has had this experience at least a million times. You're writing one story things are going great. You have the characters to that story talking to you. Not only are they talking but they're practically telling you to hurry up so they're tale can be told. I've had that happen now over a series of several weeks.

I have Maddie & Cole (Shadowed Heart) speaking to me six ways from Sunday. The plotting of their story is finally finished thanks to my love and my dear friend. And let me tell you having that story finally detailed and plotted has lifted a great weight off my shoulders. Now as I'm putting the pieces together, getting things in working order as the scenes unfold I still feel the excitement for them. They are speaking talking, saying what's up, telling me their story; individually and separately.

And as I'm writing, Ana Fiore and Cody Hastings (Smoke & Mirrors Revision) is telling me that I'm not spending enough time on them. That Maddie and Cole have had my attention for far too long and that it is their turn. They're story is written, they're edits should be easy and quick. Its not the simple though because their edits are not that simple and quick. They are complicated and a pain in the ass. They don't care though, they want their story worked on.

Then in the silence, Ailsa Sullivan and Duncan Walsh say hello. These two though I'm dying to get back to them. I have big plans for these two. Great plans wonderful plans. Plans that I'm hoping to be further detailed once things wind down on me. I love their story, they are my babies, my first ever paranormal written, nothing unlike my RPG life. But they are calm and patient. They know their story is the best thing out there. this what would be considered insanity? Do other authors every get those intrusion of thoughts. I wonder cause they sure do like to bug me at all hours. Sometimes especially during class. And of course there's nothing funnier than answering a question and trying to figure out a mechanism when all of a sudden you hear a character going "Psssst....i have a great idea for this scene." Strange yes, but then again, look who their writer is.

Hmm....don't even get me started on what they want when it comes to their sexual preferences, fetishes and everything else in the book. I can't let Cole get his way cause, goodness there are ladies present! *evil grin*

Who here has problems with their muses and characters talking to each other this loud? How do you get all your writing done?



Isabel Roman said...

I so sympathize! My non-writer friends don't understand that no, I actually don't write the story. The characters tend to tell me how to write them. It can be a pain, especially when you're in the middle of one story and another one pops up and demands to be written.

Nicole Gestalt said...

I sympathise!

This happens to every writer I know at least once. I get stuck with it most of the time and so am found wandering around with multiple notepads (one for each story). Not that I'm complaining I'd much rather have this happen then no words at all.

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