Friday, February 06, 2009

I am blogging!

Aloha people!

How’s everyone doing? Very happy to be with ya’ll once again.

***CONTEST*** I am giving away a copy of my latest release, The Finisher. YAY! All those that leave comments today, along with your name, and where you are from, will be entered to win. I’ll announce the winner here later on today.

I have to be honest with you; anything I say after Mil’s hilarious Loo-zee-anna road trip will be crap. But hey, I’ll give it a try. Let’s face it she is one funny woman that Mila.

Today I wanted to talk ya’ll about my home town of Hoboken, NJ. Hoboken is located on the west bank of the Hudson River across from the Manhattan, New York City. So pretty much “The City,” as we fondly call NYC, was my play ground growing up. A few of our claims to fame are:

  • Frank Sinatra was born here.
  • We are the birth place of baseball (well at least the first “official” baseball game recorded took place down the street from my apartment).
  • The first brewery in the United States (Yes!)
  • The movie “On the Waterfront” was filmed here
  • The Zipper was invented at Hoboken’s Automatic Hooks & Eye Co.
  • The first Blimpie.
  • The first Oreo cookie was sold here.
  • Macy’s Parade Studio is here, and houses a good portion of the floats used on the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • And the following famous people lived/live here, Eli Manning (QB of the NY Giants), Alex Rodriquez (NY Yankees), Joe Pantoliano (actor/Sopranos), Jeremy Shockey (Former NY Giants Tight End. Now with the Nola Saints), and Gerard Way (lead singer for the Emo band, My Chemical Romance) to name a few.

But no, today I don’t want to talk any further about famous people, or geography, cause really who cares about that junk. Today I want to share Hoboken’s greatest claim to fame. My little mile square town, is known as a party town. OH YEAH!

Literally there’s a bar, or bar/restaurant, in every block. We used to be in the Guinness Book of Records as “Most bars in a square mile” but I think New Orleans stole that title from us BOOOO! LOL! At one point we had about 200 bars. So if you are ever in NJ/NYC come on over to my little place in universe; you’ll most likely find a bar or restaurant that you enjoy.

From trendy lounges, to live music rock bars, and great Irish pubs; you find it all. Heck we even have a McDonalds. Which I have to say after a few drinks, it taste like Wolf Gang Puck was behind the counter. And I have to have one too many to even walk in there to begin with.

Even better than the bars, it’s the celebrations/street festivals around town. Music & Arts Festival, seven blocks of food, music, and tons of shopping; twice a year. Movie Under the Stars, takes place the big lawn in Pier A park every Wednesday during the summer (Pier A park was an old pier turned into a gorgeous park over looking NYC). The famous St. Anne’s Festival. Shakespeare in the park, and tons more. My favorites, I have to admit are Mardi Gras at Oddfellows Rest (a Louisiana theme restaurant) AND Hoboken St Patty’s Day. Mind you I am neither Irish nor Cajun/Creole, but on those occasions I am. The Leprechauns made me do it! Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Let’s talk about St. Patty’s. One word to describe this day; insanity! Every year two weeks before the Holiday, people travel from all over the States for this event. The bars open at 9am, there are lines around to the corner starting at 8am, and house parties starting at breakfast accompanied with green beer. All of that followed by a great parade filled with hot fire men, police officers, and men in kilt (OH YEAH!); later on, they crash every single party. We’ve even had full Irish bands crash the parties we’ve been to and play a few songs for us. *sigh* Good times! It’s pretty amusing seeing people try to walk after 4pm lol!

But the real whopper is seeing if you can make it past midnight. It’s not rare to see people sleeping on the benches in front of City Hall lol. I am proud to say I have made it past midnight every year. Oh that makes me sounds so bad! But hey it’s fun, and I am not harming everyone. Like the quote from my favorite t-shirt says, I am not an alcoholic, I am a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.

Here’s a picture one of my best- friends, Lynda, and I at a party a few years back. It’s 11am, drunk, and we beat the guys at about 17 rounds of the drinking game flip-cup. Look at my drunk! Lol!

So if you’ll be in my neck of the woods on March 7th, head my way! We’ll meet out for green beer ;)

OK it’s not all drinking and partying; it also a great place to raise a family. Tons of things for kids to do! I’ll have to dig up my pictures from my external hard drive and post it for you to see.

Well ok I’ve yapped enough. I hope you enjoyed my ramble. Just sharing a little bit of my world with you. So now share a little bit of your world with me; where are you from? Tell me about your home town? I love to hear it!

Thank you so much for reading & thanks again Mila for having me here *MUAH* Look out for a blog about Mardi Gras in my blog!



lastnerve said...

Loved all the Hoboken facts and loved the blog! Ahhhhhhh, Mardi Gras, those were the days!

Val Pearson
Greenwood, SC

Dee Shore said...

LOL! Hey all you need is beads and you are ready for Mardi Gras LOL!

Thank you Val for stopping by!

Anne Sorgeson said...

I am anne sorgeson. I live in Eagan, MN which is not too far from St. Paul where they love to party on St. Patty's day March 17th. My poor boy will be stuck watching Riverdance most of the day. :)


hi. I ready to move to your hometown. It seem like you know how to have fun. Keep on enjoy yourself.


Dianna F said...

I am Dianna Fryer and I am from a little town called East Holden Maine. The town is so small that if you blink you will miss the whole entire town. In fact when I moved away at the ripe old age of 12 there was not even a high school in the town. You had to go into Brewer to go to High School. LOL. Holden is off of Route 1A. If you can find Bangor and Brewer then chances are you are not far from where I grew up.

Val said...

I am in Green Bay,Wi. the home of the Green Bay Packers. I like the small town feeling here. We have Artstreet every August and the downtown has bands,food and tons of artists-ware for sale and to google at. The 4th of July we have waterfront fireworks and the bridge and both sides of it have bands and food and fun things for family to do. I guess my favorite thing though is all the seasons are great here. Have a great Saturday!

Dee Shore said...

Aloha everyone,

Thank you very much for posting! And I appologize for not posting the winner sooner. The winner is Anne from MN. That's everyone for playing along and letting me know about your homw tonws. Some day I'll visit them all lol