Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Updating and writing.

Hello everyone!

Very well comfy into the HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Loves me some New Year power dont you!!
So how about them resolutions? What are mine....throw them all out the window and love life for what it is!! My cat though made some resolutions....as cats often do. And this cat right here has got some great ideas. LOL.

So the muse finally hit। Little bugger didn't know when to stop partying out in the Bahamas।

She is dutifully working on the next book. I'm currently working...or should I say my muse is currently working a story that has two individuals Maddie and Cole, trying to find a solution to a love this not in anyone's best interest. It is a contemporary romance, and currently one of my test readers is if anything getting antsy for me to finish it. lol. The book is currently set in New Jersey, concentrated on the areas of Princeton and Manasquan. Manasquan will be the area the main character Maddie will be focusing her leisure as well as coming to some pretty important decisions for her life.

Here are some beautiful photos of the area. As a island person myself, you can truly appreciate the water beauty. With help from a friend, I know the true beauty of the area will be represented well. So if there are any other NJ people out there...please say hello!


The title is in the works currently tenative as Shadowed Heart. So far these characters are possibly the best thing that have happened. They are ranking right behind Ailsa and Duncan from my Prophecy book. I absolutely love them and want to keep writing them for some time! So lets see how this goes!!

For those wanting to peruse, I had to do some reconstruction around here and fix a few things. Was able to the links to some poetry and free reads up for all. Five of my books are being reissued with expanded version. Can I get a hollah now?! I'm pretty excited about that. Have time to finally finish the rest of my gagillion in works but its worth it. There are other little things that I'm trying to set up. With the grace of the high above and a great "How to.. For Dummies." It will be done!!

So as I'm bloggin and listening to music....I'm doing some Twilight listening. Yes I'm listening to it. hehe You all of the non-liking don't freak. Its a good soundtrack. Well Linkin Park and Mutemath and Paramore and Muse hehehe. That was it for me. I had the soundtrack before I saw the movie. It was so worth it. Oh man awwwwwesooooooommmmme.

Funny enough sometime blogging is too much fun as I'm writing, I'm stop to do the robot (mental note Add Mr. Roboto) or something like that. Strange I know but it happens. Okay who else can say that when they listen to Bohemian Rhapsody starts giggling for the first 2 minutes. Tell me you do not just thinking of Wayne's World. Its a habit cmon!

So please enjoy the music. I do! I update the list a great deal...I think there's over a 100 songs I like. No rhyme or reason to them. Its just what's on my ipod when I write. Many of these songs I like for one reason or another.

I'll be back with some more stuff...cause the muse took off again to play golf.
Little devious thing.

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