Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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So I made it......in the nick of time!

*running in as fast as I can***
I'm here, I'm here!!!!! Alrighty then everyone!!! I made it!!!

So they say that some authors are inspired by scenery, by music, by whatever may pass their way. What am I inspired by?


Being out there on the open road, getting that windshield hit by bugs and looking out past that and seeing....something different. Now most people don't get this done alot, but for this little swifty writer...I love traveling, and somehow between school (finishing up this semester with my Masters...wooohoooo) and plotting (both good meaning writing and bad meaning the whole world) I travel a great deal. On average I think I'm traveling at least every 2 months or so. How does that happen, I dont know but it does.

So what do I do after all is said and done. I pull out my calendar and place a cute little tick mark on the world globe and smile internally. I have conquered another city. I came, I saw, I digitized. Ooooh and let me tell you is it GORGEOUS there! Minus the snow....and the chances of death from sliding on the road......and scarying the police patrolmen.....which I do from time to time.

But I do love it, seeing some place other than my own.

Like I said. Most people can see the place around them and find ideas that will forever keep them writing. I do as well but sometimes, sometimes you need to go off somewhere completely different, so when you write that killer story, that whopper of a tale, you can truly see it from the eyes of your character.

And it helps!! Even when your lost...cant find the interstate and realize to yourself....did I really eat all that beef jerky on the road....esh.!

Keep on writing world.

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