Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MSA Fall Flashers

Thank goodness for October!! WOOOOHOOOO bring on Halloween

I posted the beginning of the Fall Flashers yesterday at the MSA blog, and now it is in full swing for all to read at the blog. Today is a new flash fiction

Please become acquainted with Alegra and Alex, two young 30-somethings that are about to take a wild ride this fall. Hey who knows, you might see more of them.

And now I give you their....Introduction

There he is, studying his material without paying attention to the world around him. Any moment they’ll call my name and I’ll have to speak the truth. The truth about him, how much I want him. Will he understand? Do I want him to? Too long I have wanted this opportunity.

“Alegra, please come up!”

Taking my time, I walk to the front. Exposed, unsure, but I have your attention. Your eyes lock on me. Hello, my heart pounds to you, my name is Alegra. I'm too hot beyond measure. And then there is the signal to start the burn, the wild fire that will consume me, a lightning bolt cracking overhead.

A storm is coming. I can feel it in the air around me, and within me. I can smell it in the air as I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Something about a thunderstorm, its strength is undeniable. There’s a mysterious underlying danger, exciting. When it rains, something inside flashes and ignites. An awakening, a stirring. The same I’m getting with you.

The sound is music to my ears. Sensuous, haunting and overpowering. The power, just as your inner dominant strength, frightening yet alluring, seductive, and bewitching. First starting out soft, gentle then the power builds, slowly into an upsurge of emotions. Without any signal, any warning, it comes down at a feverish pace. Cascading down. Harder. Faster. The harder it falls, the louder it gets.

My spirit is too wild, too untamed. Yet you wanted to break me in, mold me to your whims, to your body. I feel it, know it. I’m defiant and rebellious, a feral fire that will burn you if you get too close. But you’re not scared of me; you’re not frightened by the flame.

I don’t know when it started exactly. When I wanted you like this, but the pounding lust to feel you inside my body. The wanting, the aching has always been there. The pressure pushing against the walls of my pussy. Their spasms demanding. They need the other half of the puzzle, they need that piece that tells them everything is alright. Its anxiety, its nervousness. Its frustration. An annoyance like a humid day without a cool breeze, a knife cutting into warm butter. And just as hot, I can feel you enter me. Enter my mind, and soon in time, my body. Strong and sure deep into my core, I acquiesce and warmth beyond comprehension, the valley of liquid heat coats and gives me temporary relief.

To say I can feel you all around me, is weak. The truth is much better than that, its pure ecstasy. And I can see now, in your eyes you know the truth. You can see what I’m thinking. The sensation, shivering cold, is a reality I don’t want. I want singeing nerves, tingling them in excitement. I want this take over; I want you to conquer me, take command of my body, and exert your power. Place yourself where you belong, right there where its heat and sensuality. Where it’s carnal and pure. Don’t stop; not even when I beg you. Sate this hunger inside me; inside us quickly. Before it burns us alive

The audience cheers deafen anything I could say as I finish my introduction to you. But the smile tells me more. I look to you once again, and see you approach. Stepping off the stage, my nerves dance past exhaustion. You only say five words, but I already know it’s the flicker starting the blaze.

“Hi, my name is Alex.”

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