Monday, May 19, 2008

The Rabbit, says to the Reindeer're horny huh?
Yeah I hear ya.

Now what makes me laugh, besides the fact that the sexes are quite hysterical to me. Is when the mood strikes and the hormones are raging. It's very funny how a person acts, when they're pumped full of their hormones.

Like for example today. Today is ordinary from any other day. Actually today looks pretty much the same like yesterday. Has that same blue sky and birds flying. Actually today pretty much smells like yesterday too. But today is different...and do you know why? Because today I am full of estrogen. Prrr grr kitty!!!!

For instance a cute guy that wouldn't have matter a hill of beans when I'm my own blissful self in normal Mila-dom, is completely different in Grr-kitty mode. Well in Grr-kitty mode, I will look at this man, smile and say "No, no, how YOU doin'?"

I will send my love seductive, hot, and down right raunchy texts messages and phone calls. Can you imagine the phone company if they heard that? "Uh mam, would you like more minutes on your phone plan?"

So that is the mood today. Usually I'm off on another planet, called Chemistry, or plotting dastardly deeds like books and sex scenes (very evil plotting there heheeh) but today is different.

Today for some reason, biological reasoning wins. Today for some reason, I am just....*evil grin*..unlike me. Not that I'm saying it's bad, not that I'm saying that how I am feeling will be disregarded.

All I'm saying is that horniness, is possibly one of the funniest states I like being in. Well that and next to giddy. Well maybe another good state is that's just a great state to be in.....and if possible live in. lol.

Now today I am all sorts of cute, put a little rose on my nose for all this sassy goodness and temptation all in one. (Dear God: thank you for my breasts) . So I'm taking tons of piccies and send them with total love and admiration to a man who is suffering as well without their presence.

So what does this day mean to me as a writer? I have one of THE MOST active imaginations known to man. I see my love's text messages and the first thought was as if it was a James Bond movie and I was laying on a piano.

And I say breathlessly to him, "Why don't we go to my place and I'll show you what a girl like me can do to a guy like you."

Great line huh? I never said I was the GQ of flirting but I do know somedays I have a few gems. So...i'm gonna go...cause....I can.

*Evil Grin* Mae West always said "When I'm good, I'm good. When I'm bad, I'm very good."

*hoses self with water*

*evil smile*

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

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