Friday, May 16, 2008

The Art of Fellatio......yum

Amazing how one thing can lead to such a great topic prompt. As I was sitting there researching the current story I am writing, I thought about a great scene where the lead female character, Maddie, gives a very drawn out and heated blowjob to the main character, Cole.

But a blowjob or as it is called fellatio, is an art. Why is it an art? Well lets talk about the real reason why. Most women don't find fellatio sexy but I for one, am a HUGE (pun intended) love of going down on my man. What I like to do is mess with his mind first and start of anticipation early. So with that you have to build images and communicate with your partner.

And giving a personal experience here, I like to communicate build the images in my man's mind. Whispering in his ear I like to have him imagine these things. Which is not only great as a writer but as a woman gives you a bit of a rush knowing your loved one is listening to your every word. I'll tell him to imagine me licking my lips right before I take his cock into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the head of his cock as I suck gently. Then beginning to move my lips back and forth up and down the shaft. My mouth warm, the suction perfect. Faster and faster I'm going until his hands are cradling my head and I am fondling his balls with my hands. I stop before licking the tip and starting again by slowly taking every inch of his cock into his mouth.

Ah I love to tease him.

So to that wonderful man in my's a little something for you.


I stand right before you, carefully unzipping and pulling down your pants.

Getting on my knees, I look up at your hardening cock.

Watching it bob ever so slightly.

“Very nice.” I moan so softly against your skin.

My tongue slowly wets my lips as look at my prize with a lustful gleam in my eyes.

Moving closer, I wrap my hand tight around the circumference of your shaft.
So beautiful, so hard, so hot.

My fingers wrapped gently around the girth of your shaft,

The fingers and thumb tightening around, sliding them slowly up and then back down.

I lean into you, my lips parting as my tongue extends and touches the head of your cock. Your hips move involuntarily as you suck in a breath in anticipation.

I open my lips and slowly take the head of your cock into my hot, moist mouth,

As my hand strokes and grips the base of it, the taste of you; so delicious

My lips sliding down your shaft, coating it with my saliva, making you slick and wet

My tongue working over the underside vein as my hand pumps your shaft up and down

My mouth so hungry suck in more of your heated skin

Your hands slide into my hair as you moan in pleasure.

Pulling me tight against you,

You push deeper into my mouth until you reach the back of my throat

I moan around your cock before I pull back

My tongue casting its magic upon you as a slight tremor passes over your muscles

I look up at you and wickedly smile

My mouth going down on you again, grounding over your dick

Sliding every single inch inside, down my throat

My hands reaching around, firmly grabbing your ass, pulling you forward

You hiss and I know you feel the bite of my nails on your flesh

Your whispers mix with your moans, “Keep doing that. It feels so good.”

You thrust a little more forcefully against me

My lips sucking you hard, my tongue dancing over your skin

I look up at you and smile before I drive my face back down on you

You slam your hips forward, impaling my face on your shaft, stretching my mouth wide

I know you can see my full lips wrapped around you

I know you like the way my mouth and throat is taking it all

Your hand moves my hair back so you can watch me

As I slide your cock from between my full wet lips

Those lips filling as you slide into my body

You can't help yourself as you arch your hips to my face

Your hands moving my head in the right angle

As you start pumping your hips faster

My soft fingers slowly roll over your balls, the touch unbearable to you now

You’re breathing getting more ragged

You’re holding your breath as your body tenses

You’re focused on the pleasure coursing through your body.

You want to cum so badly, and I’m not stopping you

I tighten the suction on your cock when I hear the telltale sign;

A deep breath followed with a growl
And there’s the taste I’m starved for; you

Your delicious cum hits my taste buds, a flavor I know much too well

You’re hammering my face deep onto your cock,

My cheeks hollowing out as I pull up on you, wanting every single drop you have.

I want every drop, swallowing so nothing wasted

Pulling back, I smack my lips as my tongue darts out and licks your head

“More” I say to you, “I want more.”

And drive my face forward, continuing with my sucking

Your orgasm subsides, and you catch your breath

But I continue driving your softened cock back between my lips

You groan low, your hips helplessly moving forward

“Baby, what….oh god.” Spills from your lips

I pull back for only a moment as you shudder as I drain you completely

I smile up at you, your harsh breathing and body shivers my secondary prize

I lick my lips, a Cheshire grin as I still savor the m

Just to have had that...taste of you

That delicious, sweet, heavy cream.

Oh yes, I am addicted


AJ Llewellyn said...

Well have to be careful of the quiet ones! Great blog, hon and very educational!


Tess MacKall said...

Swirling tongues and wet cocks. I love it. Painting a scene for your man prior to the act is definitely a way to get him in the mood. And to get your own motor running as well.

Men love dirty talk and I discovered quite by accident that I love it too. lol And I'm good at it. tee hee...

Great post, Mila!

Wendi said...

Damn, girl!

Wendi Darlin

Anonymous said...

Hi Mila. I have to say that this is absolutely the hottest, and I mean without a doubt, the hottest thing I've ever read in my life. If I had to describe the way I'd want it to happen from beginning to end - well, that'd be about it. Cheers!