Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Book Review For Prophecy of the Boar!!!

From Two Lips Review. Reviewed by Alisha.

Title: Jaded Beast VOL. VI: Dog & Pig
Authors: Lizzie T. Leaf, Leigh Ellwood, Kara Andrews, Mila Ramos

Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter
Publication date: December 2006
ISBN: 1-555-5496 VOL. 06-30
Pages: 198


Heat Level: 2 Chilies
Rating: 4.5 Lips

Prophecy Of The Boar by Mila Ramos
Ailsa Sullivan was on her way home from her military training in the Elusion army and had busted her butt trying to get accepted for the elite Shadow Breakers that very few qualified for. Her dad had been a Shadow and had told thrilling stories while her mom patched him up from his injuries. Ailsa just wanted to spend time with her family and forget about the difficult training and people trying to read her mind. The moment she pulled up in the driveway a fear settled in the pit of her stomach; the house was too quiet and the food burned in the kitchen. When she heard a whimper, she leaped into military mode and slipped across the floor to see the man she loved kill her family.
Duncan Walsh was angry that his parents had arranged his mate for him, but when he saw whom it was, he readily accepted and they could hardly keep from claiming each other. Eighteen years ago, he had an accident that took his memory and each time he forced his mind to remember, a stabbing pain rendered him helpless. To make matters worse a woman claimed that he had killed her family and he had to train her in arm-to-arm combat!

Mila Ramos ends the book with her inspiring story of perceptions, murders, and lies. Prophecy Of The Boar was filled with intrigue and a great plot, but it ended much too soon in my opinion as I was deeply involved and was ready to kick some major butt with them! Perhaps if I beg really hard I can convince Ms. Ramos for a sequel? Although it was not white hot with sex, I promise you will not miss it! Encore!

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