Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Release!!!! And updates.

New Release: Reel to Real from the Blue Noir Digests

I really liked writing this story and hope you like it too. The characters of Moira and Toren took me for a bit of a loop. But the one that I loved the most was Kasey, Moira's best friends. Her sense of humor I could have pushed to more levels but I didn't want to be the only one laughing at her inside jokes lol.

Its available at Midnight Showcase:

So get your copy now!

Writing wise things have been good. I have been busy so of course that is REALLY good. Still working on The Watchers that is coming out in May, The Seventh Legend coming out in June and Glass coming out in August. Phew! Talk about a full plate!!!

The covers for Jaded Beasts 5 and 6 have been updated. They look pretty cool, I do like the smoke illusion on JB 5 though! hehe

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