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Computer Love Inc II: Gestation by Kurt and Jessica Hansen

Computer Love Inc. II: Gestation
Computer Love Inc. Series
Book II
Kurt and Jessica Hansen

Genre: Science Fiction  

ISBN: 978-0989068338

Number of pages: 215
Word Count: 46,095

Cover Artist: Steven J. Catizone

Book Description:

After the sudden deaths of two previous Computer Love Inc. CEOs, Marius takes control of the company. Embracing the talents of his godson, John, and his best friend, Zak, he hires the boys to oversee the Companion Services Division.

Marius refines his breakthrough technology, the Brain Machine Download, and as a result, creates his double, M2, as the prototype. Together, they ignite the future of
Computer Love Inc. by acquiring an elite team of scientists to expand the company’s technological boundaries. Meanwhile, Marius struggles with the government’s demands for a clandestine initiative - the Secret Service Companion.

Between the looming government presence and the overwhelming force behind his new team of inventors, can Marius survive the outcome of his own creations?

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Music Playlist for Computer Love Inc. II: Gestation

We don’t want to give away any important scenes for anyone who has not yet read the book, but if you are familiar with the storyline or if you’d like to read it in conjunction with the “soundtrack,” we feel that these songs work well alongside the chapters we’ve outlined here:

Chapter 1: Phantom Planet, “California”; AWOLNATION, “Sail”
Chapter 2: Imagine Dragons, “Radioactive”
Chapter 3: Everclear, “Santa Monica”
Chapter 4: David Guetta & Sia, “Titanium”
Chapter 5: Jimmy Eat World, “The Middle”
Chapter 6: The Fray, “How to Save a Life”
Chapter 7: Muse, “Uprising”
Chapter 8: The Black Keys, “Gold on the Ceiling”
Chapter 9: Kanye West, “Power
Chapter 10: OneRepublic, “I Lived”; Black Sabbath, “War Pigs”
Chapter 11: Kenny Chesney, “Shiftwork”; Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”
Chapter 12: Tiesto, “Wasted”
Chapter 13: Mumford & Sons, “Broken Crown”
Chapter 14: Kacey Musgraves, “Silver Lining”
Chapter 15: Zac Brown Band, “Who Knows” 
Excerpt #1:
          “So, Marius, I’m pleased, as I’m sure you must be, that the download between you and I went so well.”
          The remark was sudden and bewildering. 
          “Yes, I am also pleased…”  Marius paused.  “What brings that up, M2?  Is there something you feel we need to improve upon?”
           “No, actually, I don’t think that at all.  In fact, I think the process and aftermath have proven to be extremely fruitful, don’t you?”
          “Well, yes…  But then, what is it?”
          “I just recalled an idea we had, that’s all,” M2 said.
          “’We’ had an idea?”
          “Well, as you know, to say that we think alike would be an understatement.”  M2 paused and allowed Marius to have a laugh.  “So obviously your knowledge of robotics resides not only within you, but within me as well.  I know you’ve thought about it, the possibility to help the company pounce into the next generation.  What if, say, we were to make a team of Companions, not unlike myself, created from experts in different fields?  For example…  We could use that famous technology instructor, the woman from Advance Propulsion Labs who’s won awards for all of those groundbreaking projects they’ve done recently, or even that metal-loving genius who combines materials recovered from asteroids with titanium and such.  It would be a team of biorobotic and propulsion brilliance with unlimited potential!”

Excerpt #2:
The room remained silent.  Ten pairs of eyes were fixed on Marius, not even a single person consumed with a hangnail or discreetly checking messages on his or her unit.
“So then – and please forgive me when I say this, because often it seems that social delicacies elude me; I’m sure you all possess unique and likeable personalities, but really – it’s your brains that we’re after here.”
Again Marius paused.  By now, some gazes had shifted: faces looked amongst one another, gauging reactions – animals measuring a threat by observing the rest of the pack.
“Have you ever heard someone say, ‘Can I pick your brain’?  Essentially, that’s what I’d like to do here.  I need your brilliance, and I implore you to consider this proposal.  I would like to perform a Brain Machine Download on each of you in order to capture your intelligence.  Is everyone familiar with what the theory of the BMD is, or what it entails?”
If they were not familiar, no one spoke up or raised a hand.  Again, the looks flashed around the room – there were a few who wanted to know more, but, seeing that no one else had first spoken up, they remained quiet.  Marius had seen it.  Even in the wisest, cowardice lives…

Excerpt #3:
          The wave was perhaps the greatest in height they’d ever seen.  Later, John was sure they’d recount it as being of tidal proportions, hyperbolic as they always were when it came to surfing expeditions.  But in truth, he wasn’t even sure how to approach its vastness; he caught the edge of the big, rolling force in an awkward, unbalanced maneuver, yet he evened himself out at once, rising up into a standing position, and coming through the tube with precision.
          Zak waited for John to reach their squatting spot once again, then greeted him with a seated bow from atop his board.  “Nicely done.  But that was great luck, catching a swell that size.  Next one’s mine.”
          They didn’t have to wait long.  The pair ignored a series of smaller waves that rolled past (though, by a normal day’s standards, they would have been worth riding), until a massive upsurge formed within the surf, collecting all of the surrounding water to join its force.  Zak was gone before John could give him any encouragement.
          John held up his unit, readying its hologramera to capture Zak’s performance.  He pressed “record,” but then, a loud beep emanated from underneath him, coming from his surfboard.  The sonar screen at the top of his board lit up, depicting a large incoming vessel approaching Zak’s position.  John looked up again, but noticed that Zak was alone - there were no other surfers or boats nearby.

About the Authors:

Kurt and Jessica Hansen reside in northern New Jersey . Kurt has worked in the aerospace electronics industry for over three decades and enjoys the outdoors, writing, and composing music. Kurt is easily recognized with a guitar in his lap, a pencil in his mouth, and a piece of paper in front of him.

Jessica graduated from Montclair State University, summa cum laude, with a B.A. in English. Her favorite pastimes include reading, running and spending time with her family. She can usually be found with a book in one hand and a hazelnut coffee in the other.

twitter: @ComputerLoveInc


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