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Nightfall by PW Creighton

Welcome P.W. Creighton and his book Nightfall to The Mystique!!

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By PW Creighton


Three years after everyone important to Connor Maitland was murdered by a fanatical cult he is still attempting to put his life back together. Accompanied by his ex-girlfriend and business partner, Alison Herne, he is making a living as a jack-of-all-trades running a security company, sailing charters, and even photographing weddings out of Dolliber Cove, Massachusetts. Connor’s world is finally coming back together until they find one of Alison’s ghost hunter friends murdered.

When a childhood love he thought was dead, appears on his doorstep during their investigation, Connor is forced to confront memories he convinced himself were the delusions of a man deep into grief. They are being stalked by a mysterious man who appears to know far too many of their secrets. After Alison is almost killed confronting her occult past, it is impossible for Connor to deny the connection between the cases. Someone is attempting to end Connor’s life and the lives of all those who surround him.

The crazed rantings of the murderous cult may be the key to his survival.

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The Lost Scenes of Nightfall

As with any story, as it evolves going through revisions and subsequent edits certain elements end up on the cutting room floor. Scenes that have been cut may not be bad but they’re just not as integral or important to include in the story any longer. Here are a few of the deleted scenes that just didn’t quite make the cut for Nightfall.

The House
In the opening of Nightfall Alison and Connor are driving down a back road when they receive a call to confirm their analysis of the Bed and Breakfast that they are currently hired to set up a security system. Connor is lost in memories of the cult attack when the call snaps him out of it and they are forced to return to the site. On-site Connor is checking on the system while a storm is thundering overhead and Alison is impatiently waiting outside. After a bit of an argument Connor and Alison head off into the night while a shadow figure watches them leave.
In this scene it does add a bit of foreshadowing and sets a good tone, the scene felt a little out of place and only broke up the pacing in the opening. It just wasn’t strong enough to keep in the finished edition of Nightfall.

The Date
Early in the story we find Connor fixated on the night that the cult attacked and killed everyone important to him. Through his memories Connor relives the start of that night. He is on a date with his high school crush when his brother Alex walks up to their table in surprise and talks to them for a moment before he witnesses something in the club that alarms him. 

Alex flees the club and Connor excuses himself to follow after him. When Connor enters the back alley he encounters the cults attempt to kill him and is seriously injured before being knocked unconscious.

This scene still is one of my favorite scenes for the series. It shows what happened that night at the club, why Connor is disturbed by the cult and why he believes in the paranormal. This was a very strong scene but it gave a bit too much away too early in the series so it had to be dropped from Nightfall. Keep an eye out for it later in the series.

Another early scene sees one of the main characters walking down a street in Beverly at sunset. As they are lost in thought about the events a car swerves up on the curb and hits them. After paramedics and police the scene continues at the hospital where they ponder on what they should do, they witness a shadowy figure watching them from the corner of the room. Before the figure does anything a nurse enters and the shadow figure disappears.
This scene was very strong for setting up the tone and developing the character arc but it also revealed too much too quickly and was subsequently pulled because it hinted too much at events later in the series.

These are just a few of the scenes that were cut from Nightfall. Most scenes like these were cut because they revealed too much, too soon in the series. This doesn’t mean these scenes are gone for good, and with the Nightfall series it’s a safe bet that you’ll find these scenes at the right spot in the series.

Author Bio:

Author of the Psychological, Supernatural Thriller Series Nightfall, Writer, adventurer, archaeologist, photographer, videographer, Tech-Geek, Investigator

Originally from California, PW moved frequently, living in many places including Vermont, Tennessee and currently New York where PW took his interest in adventure to college earning a Bachelors in Folklore Anthropology, Archaeology and Art Studio. After his work was displayed in gallery exhibits and television documentaries, he returned to college for his MSEd as a Communications Specialist in Media Production. Between rock climbing, sailing and investigations, there's barely enough time in the day but it's all a modern adventure.

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