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Mishap and Chaos by M.M. Shelley

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I just wanted to say hello, Happy New Year and lets get to those great new authors!!!

So here is another great way to bring in the year. I bring you a native Californian (because I'm currently in California) I give you MM Shelly and her book Mishap & Chaos. 


Hello everyone! I’m M.M. Shelley and I would like to give a BIG thanks to Mila Ramos, for inviting me onto her blog today JadeMystique, so that I can share my latest book with you: 
Mishap & Chaos

It’s about twin Latina girls, Grasiella & Tatiana who are hated and feared by the magical race to which they belong.

Twins Grasiella & Tatiana are hated and feared by the magical race to which they belong.

Deep within the Hawaiian Islands is a hidden danger an island witch who wants nothing more then to end the line of Pele, the fire goddess. Her influence has breached Pele’s inner circle.

The twins must face the consequences of a freed Mnemosyne who no longer stands alone and wants nothing more than to destroy them. Others from Mnemosyne’s world have traveled to earth with unclear intentions.

Grasiella and Tatiana’s only focus is to find their missing grandmother. Risking everything, not knowing if she is dead or alive...


            The light caught again in his amber eyes as he said, “What else will you take from me?” He noticed that she was about to walk off with the carton of food and he quickly thought to stop her. “Hey, I brought that for the both of us.”
            “You did?” She looked back over her shoulder.
He gestured her back with his head. “Where are you going with that?” He braced an arm on the table and with his other he leaned across for the carton in her hand.
 She pulled away as she tried to keep it from him. “But I'm starving,” she said.  Relenting she held up another fork, “I guess you can have some too.”
            “I don’t use those, Haole.” He said jokingly. He pulled open a drawer and removed a pair of steel chopsticks.  
Grasiella found that she was actually enjoying herself. ‘Why,’ she thought, ‘could they not be like this all the time?’
            “What are you thinking?” He had a grin on his handsome face as he glanced over at her.
            His question brought her out of her thoughts; she gave back an amused smile. “You never did answer my question about who you are living with here. You said once that it was only ‘sometimes’ that you have someone else living here.”
            Kana’i’s smile faded from his lips. “I was only messing with you when I said that.” Then he added, “I thought you picked up on that.”
            “With you I never know when you’re serious and when you’re not.” She hid her face behind a carton as she waited for his answer.
“Good,” was all he said before stabbing a piece of food with his chopsticks.
“You have such a quick temper,” she remarked.
“I don’t, not really. You just have to make everything into an argument.”
“I do not,” she argued then took a bite.
He could see that she was thinking about something, this time he decided not to ask her what it was. He watched the subtle way she kept eying him. “You have chopstick envy, don’t you?” he inquired.
She laughed then said, “I do.” She placed her fork on the table. “Teach me, will you?”
“I don’t know. It takes a certain type of skill and I don’t want you to embarrass yourself because you’ll just find a way to blame it on me.”
Grasiella gave a delighted grin as she took the chopsticks from his hand; which just happened to be in mid flight to his mouth. “It can’t be all that difficult if you can do it.”
“I do not believe this, I bring you food– good food too and you try to keep me from eating.”
Grasiella began laughing; his look of aggravation was priceless. He was serious as he narrowed his eyes at her.
“This is really good,” she teased. “Would you like some more?”
“Yeah, I will take the rest of it,” his tone serious yet she could see that humor had returned to his eyes.

Thanks again to Mila Ramos for hosting this stop on my Mishap & Chaos tour! 

You can find me over at my blog; or on twitter @MM_Shelley.

About the Author:

M.M. Shelley is a storyteller, word smith and dreamer. 

MISHAP AND MAYHEM, a captivating story of faerie's and magic, is her debut novel. She has traveled the world extensively in search of the magic which is often overlooked in everyday life. M.M. Shelley is a native of southern California, and a student of mythology from which she gets much inspiration.

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