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Desperate Betrayal by Hildie McQueen

Please give an amazing hello and how are you to Hildie McQueen who brings us her world of Protectors to the Mystique! 

Welcome Hildie!!!!

Desperate Betrayal
By Hildie McQueen
Cynden Frasier (Cyn) is a member of a group of immortal warriors, the Protectors, assigned to protect humans in Atlanta, Georgia, the epicenter of a major uprising in demon activity. When Cyn is approached by a beautiful woman in a dirty alley, he is intrigued by the fact that she can see him for what he is, a terrifying demon slayer, and still dares to approach him.
Emma Blake, a half-demon, has to convince Cyn to help rescue her sister from powerful demons. Terrified that the Protector will kill her if he realizes what she is, she still goes against every instinct and approaches Cyn for help. Despite knowing that she is leading them both into territory so wrought with treachery, neither of them may survive.
Can Cyn and Emma overcome betrayal, the ancient rules that prevent Protectors from taking a wife, unless she is his one true mate? And if they do, will it even matter?

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A warm Georgia hello, from Hildie McQueen to Mila’s followers!  Thank you for inviting me to stop by at JadeMystique today Mila.

I’m excited to share my book Desperate Betrayal, a paranormal romance with ya’ll!

The book is about a three hundred year old demon slayer, Cynden Fraser, who happens to fall in love with a twenty-something Atlanta girl, Emma Blake, that happens to be half-demon, his mortal enemy.

I wrote this book after walking through Mid-town Atlanta and allowing my imagination free reign.  I peered at an empty lot and thought, “what would it be like to walk through here at night?” The story was born!

As exciting as it is to publish Desperate Betrayal, I am over the moon with the news that the sequel Desperate Surrender will be coming out later this year!  Life is sweet for this writer right now.

My favorite scene in the book that always makes me giggle is when Emma is locked in Cyn’s bedroom and he decides to take a shower.  She is about to remind him that she can’t leave but then bites her tongue when he begins to undress.

Excerpt of this scene (enjoy):

He grabbed a small dirk off his dresser and walked away from her, did he plan to have to protect himself from her? She wondered if he’d forgotten she was locked in the room with him. She opened her mouth, but kept quiet when he pulled his shirt off over his head. His wide back was ripped, muscular and smooth, his broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist.
She started to say something again, but then he dropped his pants and underwear at the same time. Even his butt was strong and good-looking, not flat at all, but well shaped and muscular. His long lean legs had a light fuzz of blond hair that seemed to glow on his golden skin. Mouth dry, at that point Emma had no choice but to remain silent and take full advantage of the scenery before her.
She knew the Protectors were stunning males, but this was her first time seeing one up close and fully nude to boot. As Cyn continued into his bathroom, Emma’s mouth watered. She dug her fingernails into her hands to keep from following behind him so she could keep watching.
The swish of the shower told her what he did now. She listened to the sound, and closed her eyes. Emma pictured his hands as they lathered that body under the spray of hot water. Were his foamy hands slow as they stroked over that strong chest and then down his flat stomach? Did his wet fingers trail to his muscular thighs? She would die happy if she could watch the man take a shower.

More to love: (excerpt)



Emma Blake always felt at home in the shadows. It was where she lived, always concealing the truth from those around her.
Now as she hid in the doorway of an abandoned building, she couldn’t help but compare the current situation to her life. The dampness of the brick wall behind her seeped through to her skin, as she pushed further into the dark to avoid being noticed. The putrid smell of trash and urine barely registered, as she was mesmerized by the scene unfolding before her.
 The scene invoked images of the endless battle forces of dark and light had been waging since the dawn of time.
Although beautiful to behold, the warrior who fought before her wasn’t exactly an angel, but he was as close to one as she would ever get. In desperate need of his help, she took a big chance sticking around; because once he caught her there were only two possibilities for her.
He’d either help her or he would kill her.
The air blew chilly on this damp, drizzly day in Atlanta, a city that for some unknown reason, in the last few years, had become a hotbed for demons. With such an influx of demons, human assaults were on the rise.
 Emma continued to watch from the shelter of the doorway, as the Protector fought his aggressors. Ten huge low-level demons armed with medieval-type swords.
 She tensed, but didn’t flinch as a demon’s severed arm flew past her and hit the ground next to her foot with a sickening thud.
 Emma had no doubt as to whom the victor would be in the end. The fluidity of the Protector’s movements and the speed of the fight enthralled her. Her gaze locked on his biceps. Muscles bulged on his right arm, as he swung his sword in a way that seemed almost effortless. Impressive, for the weapon he wielded had to weigh at least twenty pounds.
 He dodged a blow and struck out with his sword to slash through one demon’s chest. A dagger flew from his left hand and found its target in another’s heart.


 About the Author:

Hildie McQueen is a whirlwind who refuses to wear anything but jeans and heels.

She grew up on the San Diego/Mexico border, joined the military at seventeen and never returned.  After living in Germany, Texas and Hawaii, she finally settled in the beautiful southern town of Augusta, Georgia.

Biracial, half Mexican and half African-American, Hildie’s native language is Spanish, but English is her favorite way of communicating now. 

Her mission in life is to make as many people as possible to feel normal.  It’s an easy thing to do, for others to feel normal around her, because she’s anything but.


KendallGrey said...

Ha! Great excerpt, Hildie! I love hearing where writers get their ideas. Funny how a quick mental snapshot of a place can spring an entire story. So cool!

Hildie McQueen said...

I know you understand this Kendall! Thanks for stopping by girlfriend.

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed the post and excerpt. I've added this to my must have list.

Tracey D

Hildie McQueen said...

Thank you book lover!! Hope you enjoy it.

Ciara said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, Hildie. Of course, I'm a huge fan of Desperate Betrayal. If you haven't read this, you should. :)

Mila Ramos said...

Completely agree Ciara!! Read it and LOOOOOOOOOOOVED it.

Don't you just love good books?!

Great job Hildie and thank you so much for coming by!!!