Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let the contest begin!!! Here is your chance all!!!

Yes, that is correct everyone, its the second Amazon $50 drawing!!

I've already inputted the names thus far of those who have left comments.
Those who have commented more often have a better chance to win!
So here is your last chance to get that number up for you!!!

To be eligible you must:
1. Leave a valid email in the comment box
2. Comment on at least 2 different posts.
3. Have fun, enjoy the excerpts and stories!!!

With that lets see how many people were paying attention. 

There are two certain authors that spoke about themselves and their books.
The first author spoke about one of her characters Rhys.  Which author was that??
The second author thought Pandora's box was a great way to get rid of writers block (which it is in my opinion).

So....who were these lovely authors?

The winner will be announced Dec 21st, and as always the winner has 24 hours to make contact.


Na said...

Thank you for introducing me to so many new authors. It's a great way to end a year :) I racked my brain and looked around but couldn't find a "Rhys" character. I know Lizzy Ford talked about a bunch of hers and Rhyn was one of them. Also, Kasonndra Leigh does mention in her bio how Pandora's box is a great way to get rid of writer's block. Have a great weekend :)

hotcha12 said...



Jenny Twist said...

Lizzy Ford
Kas Leigh