Friday, November 25, 2011

Telltale Signs by Tori L. Ridgewood

Only a couple more days all and we shall have our first contest for the $50 gift certificate. Great way to wrap up the Thanksgiving holidays!!!!

And now....Tori L Ridgewood and her book Telltale Signs!!!

Don't stay in the Dark Lake Museum after sunset! But Kate Elliot has a deadline to meet. Working overtime, she realizes she's not alone in the creepy old mansion.

Welcome Tori! So tell me, where did you come up with the inspiration for Telltale Signs

The setting is a real place, with real ghosts! I live in a small north-eastern Ontario town, with a museum located inside a mansion which was built by a mine owner.  Although I have never had a supernatural experience inside (darn it!), I have heard the stories from students who have spent the night there as part of youth group activities.  There really are objects which are known to move on their own, creepy footsteps in the dark, and the sense of not being alone.  In a way, Kate's experience is something that I might imagine happening to me if I dared spend the night up there, alone.  

I started writing this story one sunny August day in my backyard, while working through writer's block on another manuscript.  I based my heroine on two very good friends, as well as my hero. The ending is actually the combination of two possibilities I had written.  It was a bit surreal, writing myself into an October frame of mind while getting a sunburn!  

That's awesome! So who is Tori L. Ridgewood?
Tori is a mother of two young children, has been married for fourteen years, and is in her tenth year as a high school teacher.  She enjoys reading books (romance, horror, sci-fi / fantasy), storytelling, making miniature furniture, cross stitch, quilting, attempting to garden (veggies and flowers) writing plays for her students, costumes, travel, and is a movie buff.  

For more on Tori books please visit here.



Mila Ramos said...

Very interesting inspiration for a story!!!

Na said...

I really like when scary stories are based on real life. It means if I'm brave enough I may have to go take a look-see for myself if I'm in the area...or not. I'll save my "visiting" via stories. Happy Friday!


Mila Ramos said...

Aren't those the best stories? When the tales are so scary its almost too good to be true?

Jenny Twist said...

This was a great story. Very spooky

John Steiner said...

It was great use of psychological prep work for the story.

Tara Fox Hall said...

I loved this story. I agree writing for a season opposite of the one you're in is hard...unless it's really January and I'm writing about summer :)