Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mansion of Nightmares

A mysterious mansion, long abandoned, harbors a past that claims those who enter. Then one day, by a stroke of luck, an intruder survives and uncovers its secret.

So tell me Walt, what's your inspiration? 

When I write science fiction I like to include some science fact, horror is different, except for this story.  Now I’ve got your attention.

Two and one half miles from where I live, this mansion exists.  Sitting at the intersection of two major thoroughfares, it is one of the largest private structures in the area.  The roof bristles with chimneys.  Long abandoned and surrounded by massive trees, it is nearly invisible during the summer.  In the winter it presents its ghostly presence.

A winter of heavy snow has not been kind.  The roof, deteriorated, has partially collapsed.

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Yes! Excerpts!!!  I love it when you bring me excerpts!

In my dream, I returned to the mansion, but it appeared as it existed in the past. The structure was gleaming white and not overgrown with vines. The roof was intact and not crumbling in on itself. It was solid and secure. There was a large fence made of iron separating the property from a dirt road. The massive expanse between the house and the road was a magnificent green. Then before my eyes, night rapidly fell. The mansion was dark with the exception of one room on the second floor, one of the bedrooms. I knew from the location of the light that it was the very room that Brian and I found to be somehow preserved. I soon discovered the reason it was so immaculately intact, but not why.

I suddenly found myself in the bedroom I observed from the lawn. The fireplace contained a welcoming fire. All around the room candles were lit, offering a mellow glow and the feeling of peace. Opposite the fireplace was a large canopied bed with the covers turned down. The remainder of the room was filled, with what I considered antique furniture. But what do I know.

To the right of the canopied bed, a door slowly opened. I cannot describe the fear I felt at that moment, even though it was just a dream.

From the opened door stepped the young woman from the portrait. She was barefoot and wore a diaphanous nightgown. Her raven hair was down around her shoulders. Clearly evident were her beautiful breasts and rose-red nipples. My eyes traveled down the gossamer fabric to the black thatch of hair between her legs.

She beckoned me with lovely outstretched arms and an alluring smile. I felt myself become hard and could not wait to enter those welcoming arms.

As I stepped forward eagerly, my feet tangled and I fell to the carpeted floor. That act of clumsiness saved my life, but for how long I don’t know.

Before my eyes, the air around the beautiful girl wavered; before my eyes stood a monster blacked by time. If there is a hell, this demon was one of its residents. Her delicate hands grew talons and her body became an obscene visage. I backpedaled out of the room, and once clear of the door, ran for my life.

Someday I shall visit the local historical society and learn its history.  Until then, enjoy the story.  


Jenny Twist said...

Great interview, Walt. And I loved the story.

Tara Fox Hall said...

I also loved the story, Walt :) I'd love to read more stories about this mysterious mansion. It's so cool it really exists!

Na said...

I think some of the best inspiration can come locally. I remember checking out books about "haunted" sites in my town with the purpose of hunting them down...even though I have never been brave enough. Likewise I like scary stories to be based on some facts. It makes it more interesting that way and tempting to want to visit if it's around.