Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dual Story Author James N. Cricket

Who is James N. Cricket? 

James N. Cricket is a pseudonym I use for more provocative pieces, much different than those stories I write in my real name. I am retired, married a very long time, a graduate of a Big Ten university.

What stories are you currently writing? 

"Mission to Doom" in the "Curious Hearts" anthology was an attempt at combining elements of sci-fi, romance, and erotica. I focused on the angst of an average guy pursuing a seemingly perfect woman. The truth of her is not what he expected, though he overcomes his shock to finally achieve his goal in the end. I picked a quirky environment, numerous taboos, unusual cultures and practices, and novel solutions to their problems. If there was an inspiration it would have been the plight of regular guys with their fantasies about stunning women being the perfect choice.

"Bi-Curious Wife" in the "Curious Hearts" anthology was another piece written with erotica aspects. The truth of people, of married couples, is often not something known outside the privacy of their doors. On the surface people can say anything, profess perfection in their actions, and judge their neighbors, but everybody has their secrets. I picked another controversial issue, that of women feeling unfulfilled in the bedroom that look to answer a question, to scratch an itch. If every woman had to be honest, what percentage of them have actually sampled forbidden fruits at some time in their lives? I suspect a great deal more than people realize. The inspiration for this story is the daily news we read, studies I see about how prevalent extra-marital sexual play really is, including women with women. There is a reason the American divorce rate is so high.

I would also like to highlight a book which released in July titled "Endurance." It is a gripping story following about eight years in the lives of the hero and his love. He faces an initial galling choice she makes that sends them both spiraling into destructive life courses. It is a commentary on poor choices and the consequences of same as they struggle through miscommunication, misread signals, poor timing, and ultimately their consequences. It isn't written as a sanitized narrative. Real people are flawed and they make mistakes. It is never that we are weak in life because we can't avoid our failings, it is that we got back up and salvaged the best life we could manage. This books give the reader villains to hate, shocks to endure, and many surprises.

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Na said...

Mission of Doom sounds like it has a little bit of everything and I like that at the heart of it is a love story. No matter if you're human or an otherwordly creature, everyone wants to fall in love :)