Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing Nick Howard

Here is another good friend that I have gotten to know through the years. Good ol' Nick. Now don't be fooled ladies, he is a dastardly little devil.  Yet again, a favorite Canadian. :)

Take it away Nick. :)


My good friend and fellow author Mila is giving other writers a chance to write on her blog. I have read some of the other posts and hope I can make mine as interesting. 

First, I write under the name of Nick Howard (or sometimes N.S. Howard). I live in Alberta which has long winters and wonderful summers. The weather can change fast and if the day is nice, you better take advantage of it. 

As an author I like to write science fiction but with a bit of erotica added. I am currently working on a fourth book for the series Praxton, a fictional planet in the far future. Unlike most of the human worlds, Praxton is not part the Alliance worlds and for good reason. Praxton refuses to accept the Charter of Conduct, a document that spells out what is acceptable behaviour. On Praxton women are required to collars and be submissive to their male guardian, something the Charter of Conduct would not allow. The Praxton series follows a Charter spy, Terri Baxter, as she infiltrates the Praxton society. Later she plays a prominent role when the Alliance worlds invade Praxton.  

My latest release is called Be Careful WhatYou Wish For, an erotic fairy tale. Princess Lilly is kidnapped under the Kidnapping of Damsels law and is required to accept a knight’s seduction methods for one week before she is allowed to be set free. Or marry him if she so chooses, although she is most annoyed that he would spank her while forced to wear restraints. After all, she does have a princess’s delicate skin.
I do invite you stop by my website. I have links and more detail of my books but also several free short stories.  Please drop me a note if you find anything of interest and want to make a comment.

Nick Howard

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Mila Ramos said...

My lovely Nick! Thank you for dropping by Sweety! Loved the Praxton series, and can't wait to read your latest release. :)