Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day of Relaxation

Hello  all!

How is everyone doing today?

Well the Echoes and Illusions Tour is over at the end of today! And to say its been unbelieveable is beyond words!!

Make sure to get in that last minute entry over at Sugar Beats Books
I'd like to thank all the winners of the books; both ebook and print thus far.
There are still a couple more out there but many thanks to those who have tried participated!

So today is my day to literally lounge for a while. This week has been CRAZY!  I PASSED my seminar for the division I am apart of; Organic. Great talk; not so great at fielding the questions. Got a massive case of the stage frights and deer-in-headlights. So if any of you out there have some tips on stage fright I would love to have them. Rare thing let me tell you. Rare thing indeed to have been freaked out as I was at that moment.

I had an exam this morning, and that was an interesting 5 hours to say the least. I think somewhere in the middle of it, my brain actually started talking to me. "Hey Mila, whatcha doing?" Heh.  Strange huh?

And now after the huge stress is off my shoulders, it was time to switch over to pamper mode. Got a manicure and pedicure; little treat from the hubby and now I feel wonderful! Watching my favorite trilogy, have the mound of fluff sleeping nearby. Yup...nothing like the feeling of relaxation.

Of course I'll be up and moving tomorrow, but for now, its wonderful.

A friend asked what my reading list is going to be this summer, so I thought I'd take a snap shot for you. Strange and completely not what you would think as a normal reading list lol.

Strange huh? Why is that my list? Because those on the left I'm taking that specific chemistry class and the "For Dummies" book is to refresh all the information I forgot! LOL!  On the right, it never hurts to read up on perfecting the art, which is something I am very much doing with each book and idea.

So for now, I am to go play with the kitteh and watch a great movie.
Keep writing!


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I'm grateful he paid for it! :) It was soooo worth it.

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