Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And away we go from the land down under as we land to the realm of Jacqueline Paige!

Join me as I am interviewed by a wonderful and classy lady!
The Echoes of Illusion Tour continues surfing through the cyber waves!


On a bit of fun news, I've been reading Angela Knight's Passionate Ink, a book she originally taught for the RWA seminars and then expanded into a book.

I love reading books exactly like this; books to help you improve your writing. Now most people don't normally do this, but I love reading another individual's point of view as to just how to improve your story making. I think it would take a prideful person to not want to improve some form of their writing. I'd like to think even after all this time, even Nora Roberts does it somehow.

I wanted to share this little tidbit with everyone but in the book she brought up Mulder and Scully in X-files. Did you ever notice the sexual tension between them? I absolutely love it! Now I never watched it after the fourth season I think....could have been the third season, not sure. Anyhow, does anyone remember how she and Mulder ended up having a baby? But more to the point, did those two ever do the deed?

That question has had me searching high and low wondering. If someone has the answer, let me know!

Well I'm off to continue reading my book and yes.....watching Harry Potter 6. One must prepare for the DVD version of HP7. Yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm odd, but then again, you love me. :)

Catch you at the next E and I tour spot!

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