Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebration Galore!

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday!  So how old am I, well an awesome age I must admit! hehehe.

The entire weekend was amazing. My husband and friends celebrated by never keeping me informed at all! It was a day filled with surprise after surprise! You know that as a paranormal writer, you must definitely have a great set of family and friends when they make sure you are not aware of any possible clues.  Sneaky I tell you but the absolute greatest.  I think the best part of the whole day was to see that my birthday cake was gluten free. With my recent gluten allergy their concern and care is not only heart felt but truly touching.

Though it was the best weekend ever, I am suffering a bit today. It seems in all the excitement I got a bit of a sinus cold. Loopy dreams and great ideas here I come!

So in all that excitement I didn't have a chance to share that I was a guest blogger at Chris Redding's Authorsday.

Please drop by and read a wonderful interview.

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