Sunday, February 06, 2011

My anthology is out! Woot!!!

I am so very happy and proud to announce that my anthology of stories is out at Melange Books!

This anthology contains 4 different paranormal stories each with characters that I had a great pleasure of writing. I have to say that my favorite books in this anthology were the characters of Reel-to-Real and The Watchers. 

Every writers has those stories that they can't let go of, and the characters from these stories were definitely of that type.

I've added some short blurbs for you here, but if you would like some longer blurbs, please go to the current works tab. I'm going to have a contest soon, no idea what...but I'll think of something. Seeing its my birthday next month, I'll try to throw it in with that as well. :) 

Tremendous thank you's to the staff there for their hard-work in getting it out!

The anthology is out in print and ebook format. :) 

A curious invitation mystifies acclaimed movie critic Moira Castle as she returns home to face hidden memories and answers she's not ready to hear or feel.

The Seventh Legend:
A children's tune states the key. A children's story holds the clues. Millennium has passed for the justice to be served.

The Watchers:
Watchers are sworn to uphold the Sacred Draleigh Coven. Selene is their Enforcer and Protector. Yet the Coven never prepared her for one thing – Michael.

Smoke and Mirrors:
Ana Fiore and Dakota Hastings are rival doctors vying for Chief of Staff position. Snowed-in at a conference, the doctors must face their pasts and feelings.

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