Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Vday to all you beauties out there.
Yup all of you, even the ones that think its just a marketing scheme lol.

This Valentine's I must say has been a very nice one.
Today is my mother's birthday and she celebrates 70 years on this earth. But that is only a number to her because she is doing her own thing and  like her...partying it up. Love that woman.

My husband and I have to celebrate tomorrow since other matters are currently taking priority as now. That didn't stop him though from giving me a couple of cute presents. This picture you see here was one of my presents from my husband. Its in all red, the one I have but its adorable just by itself.  I figure since there is a Momo out there, I'd call mine Mimi. :)

His other present was a gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles. Isn't that just the greatest?! The man just knows what I love. So to all of those out there that are celebrating and even not celebrating today. I'd like to wish you a very happy day.

Keep rockin' the page!

Out Now!
The Seventh Legend –a part of the Dark Pleasures Anthology
The Watchers – a part of the Strange Desires Anthology
Collection of 4 of my favorite stories in Echoes  & Illusions Anthology
Smoldering Ember & Touch of Fire – Contemporary Romance with Whiskey Creek Press
** Keep an eye out for Prophecy of the Boar. The story of Ailsa & Duncan, out soon  in a duo anthology with second book Divination.

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