Saturday, September 26, 2009

This week's events.....

Normally things on this end are continuously running without pause. Sometimes so much so I don't get a chance to update my blogs. It sucks buuuuut oh well.

So this week I received some really great news. I was accepted into the PhD program at Texas Tech. YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! To say that I was through the roof is the understatement. I shot through the roof when I was accepted. I went through the stratosphere when I was given a 25K scholarship!

Yeah! By then I was starting to orbit the sun on the excitement and happiness pumping through my body!! Its unbelievable!

So to celebrate that until I find out other news necessary, I am putting on some Dave Matthews. The man is genius I dig him and its awesome!!!

And so I end here today with awesomeness. News and video....

Groovy baby....


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