Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whirlwind a wow.

Well it has been an interesting few weeks let me tell you. To say that I am things are winding down is an understatement.

With the passing of a dear woman, graduating, getting things in order, getting blase answers from my doctorate school of choice and literally losing all my Writing in Progress manuscripts I decided to nurture the soul and read a damn good book. Well its either read a book or literally freak out by the fact I lost several years of good ideas and work. If I just let things and my mind chill for a bit, I may be able to reconstruct some stuff.

I know seems weird but its amazing how transporting yourself somewhere else for a little while can relieve certain things. Now i'm not saying its the be all end all for answers. But just for today, it was what I needed.

I read Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning. Took me a day to finish it, and it was completely awesome. I'm not giving any part of it away by any chance, but to those that love her books, it keeps the hard punches coming and the "oh more more more" going. There are scenes in this book that I can just describe as trudging through the horror to see some kind of light at the end. The plot is intricate and solid, and best yet the cliff hanger is great. Pissed me off so much not knowing that when I DO find out, its going to be worth the knowledge. Who did it? Who is guilty and innocent? And still what the hell is Barron's deal?! Definitely read this. Hell read the series from the beginning. If you haven't read any of her books pick up the first book Darkfever, read through this one. If you dont want something as dark or intricate....WHY NOT!!!! lol.
In that case you want something different I would really read her Highlander novels. Especially with the twins Drustan and Daegus (Kiss of the Highlander and Dark Highlander *sigh*). You will love it. Karen is one of the most awesome writers in paranormal I have seen and she is still the single reason why I love writing it as much as I do. She's a true champion for keep going. Amazing woman.
So I think for now that's all I got. Time to do some story reconstruction. Lets see what I remember. LOL
Laters all.

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