Saturday, May 23, 2009

Learning how to Twitter

I'm learning something completely new, and its a scary thing.

First of all, I am the worlds most technologically-illiterate person. I know how to post a blog, and send email you know all the goodies that we pretty much learn to fully function as an author and writer.

This morning I learned what a domain name, primary domain name and the difference between hosting and web maintenance. Notice I said learned, didn't really say I remembered what in the world that means. Had a small little break down afterwards. Crying at 6am is not a good sign. Usually it means you're really tired and the battle you and the computer have had just ended for now.

**You may win the battle computer, but you will never win the war!!*

So as I'm sitting there depressed, dealing with domain names, computers and such really bums me out. I'm a chemistry nerd wanting to become a techno nerd. LOL I'm telling you, this kinda stuff you just can't make up!! I waited for my friend Dee Shore to wake up, talked to her and got back on track with things. So Dee introduces me to Twitter, and though I've HEARD alot I've never really messed with it.

*Running at full speed, jumping into the air, tuck knees and cannonball in. SPLASH*

I am a wet Twitterbug now.

I have never really tried gagets and dodads and so now with Dee's help, I'm venturing deeper into cyberspace.


See yas
Keep on writing!


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