Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogging today at Midnight Seductions

Well hey there you wonderful people...I'm blogging over at Midnight Seductions and here it is for your viewing pleasure. Would love to know what you think.
Its all about music.

You see it everywhere notes off in the horizon, you hear it through the latest technology, its tied to memories good and bad. Lyrics that tug at you, compilations that move you, sound tracks that are your favorite. Everyone has them, and why shouldn't they?! But sometimes the soundtracks of your life, are much more important than we think. And let me tell you why.

So it’s about 1am and I’m trying to fall asleep and then my brain goes and does it again; starts talking. “You know what would be a great idea Mila, if you stay up and do playlists for all your books!” Now as a rationally sound and mindful person I can say no to the whims of my mind. And what do I respond in return, “Why that’s a great idea!!”

Soooo now its about 3am in the morning when I finally fall asleep. Lol. And that got me thinking. I know most people need music of some type; well I know I do, when they are doing their writing, or even trying to find a song to bring out an inspirational moment.

Sometimes the music even helps define the character. Below I have the playlists from one of my characters (Maddie and Cole that Dee Shore has adopted as hers) that (thank goodness for summer) I will be able to get back to writing.

Alice in Chains – Would?
Tool - Sober
Daughtry – Its not over
Hinder – Lips of an Angel
Violent Femmes – Color me Once
Howie Day – Collide
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away
Henry Nilsson – Lime in the Coconut
Switchfoot – Stars

Just by a few songs listed here what do you think the fundamental basis of my character is? Do you have one song that defines a characters or even a book? How about when you read a book do you hear a certain song that is perfect for it?

Would love to know!

With the re-release of my extended version books, I am going back and finding things about the book I didn’t realize before. The Seventh Legend, Watchers, Prophecy of the Boar, Smoke & Mirrors, and Reel-to-Real are looking better and better with the accompanying music.

Now I see why Hollywood gets into it! lol

Well I'm off to catch a flight, so you keep on rocking your bad-self you wonderful little Seducters.

And here is one song that I will always rock to, and for you to enjoy. Plus it has lyrics so I can even sing it right! LOL (I haven't mastered the art of embedding lol)

Keep on writing!

Mila Ramos, Paranormal & Contemporary Romance

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