Sunday, April 19, 2009

All sorts of little hiccups...

Hey there Everyone,

Jack had a bit of glitches and so here is his blog for this month. Lets give the poor man some sympathy. Its seems he's going to be home alone for a while.

Heavens help us. Remember Jack, pizza and milk is considered all the food groups hehehe.
Maybe we should do a special "Feed the at-home married man?" hehehe

Here you guys go, all the way from Canada.

This is the month of false starts. First is the weather. We (my wife and I) were sitting out on the deck drinking wine last week and on Tuesday the snow came. Spring would have to wait until, well, Friday when it’ll be warm enough to drink wine outside again.

It was also stop and starts when it came to my writing. I started on a story, didn’t like it, rewrote it and then decided it still sounded awkward. Push the restart button again.

I have had a few requests for a sequel to Talnut and I think I’ve the got the main plot figured out. Now comes the part of me that is going to be committed to get it done within a timely fashion. I’m suppose to do some edits on a new novel I’ve written and I have another short story I toiling away at so it comes down to if I have the time. Maybe I’ll borrow some time from next month. I also have to update my website,

Unfortunately that means trying to figure that strange web code- again.

Last week I celebrated another birthday. I had some great gifts and went out for dinner twice. I also went to a couple of my local bars where I received free drinks. Great stuff! The cute waitresses smiled, gave me hugs and pretended I was their favourite customer. There was a reason for giving them tips over the past year.

Next week my lovely wife is leaving for Florida to go to a dragon boat boot camp, leaving me to fend for myself for ten days. I’ll be fine-I have a pizza delivery numbers on speed dial.

I hope everyone had a good Easter.

Jack (JH Wear)

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Anonymous said...

Cool. I stumbled upon this blog to find another blog inside of it. Interesting to find a Canadian fiction writer. Aways good to see a fellow Canuck being creative. Thanks to both the bloggers. I will now read on to see what the rest of this site is about!