Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Asking for help....

We interrupt for an important message from the Grand Mistress of Funk.....Mila Ramos.

Hey all!

First off, no one has hijacked my computer. Its still lovely me manning the keyboard. So don't fret with what I'm going to say. As some of you know, I'm doing the Relay for Life (its for the Cancer Research)....now wait before you log off.

Here is what I am asking.

1. Ideas for further fundraising....I think a goodie bag or yet...hmmm so many ideas just need one good one! Oh! *evil grin* Well my birthday IS coming up! lol.

2. I'm asking for a $1 donation.

Why only a buck....cause you can't do $0.25 cents on a credit card. I've tried, the cashier just look at you strange. Weird huh? But you can buy an $0.89 Milky Way. Strange world.

So...if you can donate $1.00, please go here, and do so under my name.


Yup its still me. Yup, I'm still writing books, and yup, nothing has changed.

Why am I doing this? Well I'm going to school for this, so why not? And cause its for two of my aunts.

If you can do this....THANK YOU! If you can't do this....THANK YOU!

I still love you all, not matter what....well except if you steal my chocolate, then we've got issues. heheh

Thanks guys!

And now we bring you back your regularly broadcast writing fix.

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