Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter and writing

Hello everyone. Mila generously allowed me to use her blog. I’m a writer of fantasy and science fiction, usually with some romance in it. I hope everyone had a great St Valentines Day. My wife gave me some after shave cream that is suppose to help retain youthful skin. I don’t know if that was a hint or not.
I live in Edmonton, Canada. We’re still in our winter season here, so that gives me more time to write. I’m not much for running, or even walking, around outside in the snow. Certainly lying in the sun is out. That just leaves writing and going to the bar. Since this is still morning I’m doing the writing bit.

I had an ebook released last December called Shadows and Sensations. Midnight Showcase published it and it contains four short stories. All of them deal with the paranormal, some with a bit of erotica. If you are interested I have attached the blurb below. On my website,, I have some excerpts as well.
Princess of Time
Nobel Carter is an alcoholic, saved one night by a former lover. During his
recovery he falls for a mysterious woman, challenging him what he wants.
Cry at the Moon
An abandoned campground looked perfect for four college students to have
fun. But the campground is inhabited by a creature that has its own desires
The Cat, the Wolf and the Spirit
Sherri enjoyed shifting into a panther to roam the forests, until a white
wolf appeared. As she fights for control, a new spirit exerts its power.
Fallen Angel
Carl finds out Halloween can be a perfect time to dress up and be yourself.

I have been doing some book signings recently. Talnut was put in print a last November (Samhain Publishing) and I have had some fun signing books. If you live near Edmonton my next signing is in St Albert Chapters on February 21. I’m also doing a signing March 14 in the Red Deer Chapters and on March 28 in Calgary (Chinook Mall Chapters). Please drop by and introduce yourself. A funny joke will be much appreciated.

Jack Wear

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