Friday, February 20, 2009

Out of this World!!!!!

Hi! I’m Wendi Darlin and I’m excited to be here.

I’ll be blogging on the 20th of every month, and I promised Mila I’d try to make my first blog post out of this world.

So what better time to bring up my latest obsession with the TV series UFO Hunters. Have you seen this? I don’t know why I watch it. Honestly! I sit there for an hour, hanging on to all the promises of a possible payout only to get to the very end and find out they came up with SQUAT! They’ve dug two days worth of holes at the site where the several witnesses swear the UFO landed only to come up empty handed, or worse, with a piece of melted Tupperware!

The latest episode really had me going though. There were several incidents in neighboring towns where numerous people called 911 to report strange objects in the sky. And I’m not talking about this happening in the UFO heyday of the 1960s, this was nine years ago in 2000. Police responded and the recorded calls between the officers and their dispatcher are pretty intriguing. The officers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Some of them were freaked out, saying they never signed on for this SH**! But where are the video tapes? Doesn’t everybody and their brother have a camcorder now? Don’t police cars have cameras mounted to the dashboard? Where’s the evidence??? If this was a case going to trial, it’d get thrown out of court for lack of evidence. Obviously, these people saw SOMETHING. Can’t anyone record it?

Well one lady did. But of course her recording was as clear as an image of the Loch Ness Monster. If my camera took images as grainy as that, I’d throw it in the trash. Seriously, can’t we just see a piece of a UFO for once? Does the government have to confiscate everything? Would it really send us into a frenzy to know we’re being visited by aliens? Hell, I know people who’d line up and beg to be taken aboard one of those saucers and whisked away from this place. Just think how convenient this might be. Our prisons are overcrowded and some of those criminals we don’t ever want to have on our streets again. Maybe a dose of alien justice would do them good. I’ve watched prison shows too, and a little extra terrestrial experimentation might not be half as bad as trying to survive an hour in “the yard.”

I’m just saying maybe our government should be more open with communication. Maybe we can work out a deal with our far away neighbors…or maybe we’ve never been visited by any damned aliens! I just want to know! Somebody, somewhere, please just take a damned picture that proves something. If it’s a new military prototype, fine, just tell me the truth. I wonder if alien leaders lie as much as our government. Did they all join some galactic version of Skull and Bones in college and swear to shroud the truth for the rest of their lives too?

Wendi Darlin


Barb said...

Hey Wendi! Well if I'd known earlier in the day you were blogging here, I would have been here sooner. I just don't know whether to believe UFO's and aliens exist or not. My husband totally gets into all that stuff. He watches as many shows about it he can. Do you really think the majority of people on this earth could handle knowing aliens really existed? I just don't think so.

Wendi said...

You might be right, Barb. I think it drives me nuttier not knowing. :) I understand your husband watching all the shows. It's addicting!

Wendi Darlin

Jami Davenport said...

Wendi, I'm going to have to check that show out. It sounds like a hoot.

Wendi said...

Be warned! It's addicting! lol! I keep picking up the remote to change it, but just can't bring myself to look away. :)

Wendi Darlin