Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saying hello

Hi- Mila was gracious to allow me to add a post to her blog. My name is Jack Wear and I write under the name of JH Wear.

My stories involve usually science fiction/fantasy plus a lot of human interaction. Some may call that romance, but I try not to make it the main theme of the story, just one more complication for the main character(s).

What have I written that has been published? Well, I started writing a few years ago so I don't have a long list like Mila. But to summarize; Talnut is my first novel. A young man is trapped on another planet and seeks a way to Earth. He also falls in love with the local witchdoctors daughter. The book is available in bookstores or through Samhain Publishing.

Midnight Showcase has just released as an ebook, Shadows and Sensations. There are four short stories of the paranormal kind. Warning, they are a bit on the erotica side. MS is also going to publish Castle, a series of three books. This fantasy series will be available this summer.

All of the above can be looked at on my website

What else do I do besides shoveling snow off my driveway? Well I sell wine through my company, Kiwi Imports. I specialize in New Zealand wine. Lovely country. Great place to visit if you can survive the 18 hr plane flight.

I love photography. I don't have much time for it anymore but I will find time this year. I promised myself that last year too.

I like music, most kinds, and have a darn good stereo system that gets lots of use.

That's about all the space I'll take for now. But if you have any questions my email is

I will now turn this back over to Mila for normal blogging.

Cheers, Jack


Dee Shore said...

Your stories sound awesome JH! Can't wait to read one.


Kendra Mei said...

Hey Dee, I have one thing to say about the finisher series "RAWR-AR!" lol