Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My that's a huge hump you have....

I have to admit that's my favorite thing about Wednesdays. They can be such fun little days, if you're in the right mindframe. Or they can be the middle of the seventh level of hell. Today is just a day of absolute randomness. A free-for-all-corral-driving-let-the-kids-out-to-play-kinda day.

Back to work and school, and as I'm listening my music, I haven't decided if its a good or bad day. I've been beautifully welcomed back by my chemicals. Yes, to all you unknowns, I'm a chemist. Of course, by the end of this semester it is official, I'm a gradjumakat. lol.

The welcoming in the lab though wasn't the hip-hop hooray I was hoping for. More like it was "what's that smell?" And this is where you know that you have been fully converted to the dark side. I can't smell anything that's burning in my house, but I can tell you what solvent was in the solution. Strange huh? I like to call it more of a deeply meshed and somewhat hysterical S&M relationship with my chemicals. How can a chemist have an S&M relationship with chemicals. Its very simple. You beat the crap out of your reaction and then when it works you feel the pleasure that's comes from it. Yet it can be reversed, for the compound will take its sweet time , and if it feels like it working, it will. So you tell me whose the master and whose the sub. I'm still trying to figure it out.

Well as strange as it may seem, its time for my afternoon coffee and I can hear my lovely caffeine beckoning for me. There is one thing I have learned, never mess with an author-slash-chemist and her coffee.

Its life threatening.
Its dangerous.
But that's alright with me.
Talk to you later my beauties.

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